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Sunday, December 1

94/7 and Budweiser present "December to Remember"

The Neighbourhood

Ghost Loft

#49 of the Crystal Ballroom's "100 Nights"

7 p.m. doors, 8 p.m. show

All ages welcome

*** SOLD OUT ***

The Neighbourhood

*** SOLD OUT ***

The Neighbourhood is one of many artists hoping to have a breakout year in 2013. The Los Angeles-based band is already currently riding momentum into next year thanks to songs like "Sweater Weather," "Female Robbery," and "Let It Go," so the odds are in their favor. They're signed to Columbia records and set to release their debut full length album this coming year. One of the reasons why they got their record deal is because of the online popularity of "Sweater Weather" in particular.

That was the first song written for this band," said the band's drummer Bryan Sammis. "That song was written by Jesse and the two guitarists. It's changed a little bit since it started. When they were working on that I hadn't joined the band yet, but I was a friend, and knew what they were doing. Before anything had been released I'd heard the demo version and thought it was awesome. Then I got added on and we changed the song a bit. It's not the same as it was when I first heard it, but it still has all of the qualities it had then."

Bryan isn't the only person to think a lot of the song. It caught the attention of bloggers and music lovers over the past year. That song and "Female Robbery" are brilliant tunes and they earned the band all kinds of critical acclaim. But as they were earning notoriety, there was something unconventional about how The Neighbourhood was launching their music. There wasn't a back story, there weren't excessive photos on their Facebook or official site, and there weren't 'get to know the band' features on their twitter. It was all about the music. The band members even kept their names a secret for a time. We asked Bryan why The Neighbourhood decided to do that in their initial phase.

"That was kind of an effort so people paid attention to the music first and foremost. We wanted the music to speak for itself. Things become so oversaturated with people's personalities becoming the center of attention when it should really just be about the music," said Sammis.

"But it didn't last very long." Added Sammis, "Now we post pictures and tour updates and that stuff is an insight into our lives. You get to know us a little bit more, but we're not putting it in people's faces. So we're putting that out there, but we're not shoving it down your throat either."

There are plenty of people who know who The Neighbourhood is now, but that number will multiply several times in 2013, especially after their debut album for Columbia comes out. They have an EP available called the I'm Sorry... EP, and that should tide listeners over until that full record comes out. If you're not familiar with The Neighbourhood now, you will be.

The Neighbourhood is: Jessie Rutherford (vocals), Jeremy Freedman (guitar), Zach Abels (guitar), Mikey Margott (bass), and Bryan Sammis (drums).Listen to the Neighbourhood's latest single "Let It Go."


#49 of the Crystal Ballroom's "100 Nights"

Portland's Crystal Ballroom, as an ongoing entertainment staple for the city since 1914, celebrates its 100th birthday with a 100-day-long party! From October 14, 2013 to its actual centennial-mark on January 21, 2014, daily events will tumble forth from the historic Crystal Ballroom and its second-floor space Lola's Room, with an occasional spotlight pointed at the affable setting of Ringlers Pub.

Events will feature a mix of current national acts, the return of longtime Portland favorites, showcases of up-and-comers, and themed events inspired by key eras of the Crystal past. While the series will end with a bang - a performance by the Decemberists' Colin Meloy on January 21 - the entire run of shows will be stacked with stellar talent. Additional events will pay tribute to the Crystal's amazing history, with ballroom dance extravaganzas, old-timey/Americana dances, a gypsy-themed event, soul/funk shows and psychedelic jams.

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