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Thursday, June 12

Swan Sovereign

... as part of the Crystal's "Get Intimate" series

w/ guests Swansea

and Dean

7 p.m. doors, 8 p.m. show

All ages welcome

$12 advance, $12 day of show

Swan Sovereign

Having played their first show in early 2014 to a packed house, Swan Sovereign is emerging from their bunker again to play their short, brutal, but somehow totally sing-a-longable songs. Lara Michell (guitar), Stephanie Schneiderman (drums), and McKinley (bass) sound dangerous when they sing, "Talking doesn't mean you're weak, it means we don't have to hurt you" but the harmonies are so lovely that you won't run...just back away a little.

Swan Sovereign is a Portland, Oregon trio with punchy, defiant pop songs and harmonies so buttery that you'll forget to be offended by the bossy lyrics. A tight, spare unit, the play compact songs that burst from dead quiet into tantrums and back down.

Before taking over the rhythm section and forming the power trio that became Swan Sovereign, the three were in Dirty Martini. The music of Dirty Martini was gloomy, introspective and rain-soaked, like April in Portland. Swan Sovereign is more like a dance party on a sunny day in Antarctica - bright and blinding, with snowballs flying and a bit of blood on the ice from playing too rough.

Swan Sovereign's songs about interrogation, family secrets, and organized rebellion cut clean and deep. Then they rub salt in with mean 60s girl group harmonies. It leaves a pretty pink scar.

Swan Sovereign's first three songs will be released on 6/12 with download stickers available at the show. Portland Tribune's Rob Cullivan says of one of the songs: 'In a just world, Swan Sovereign's "You Are Not My Man" would be an instant hit - its poppy, rocky, folky melody filled out with great harmonies supporting a biting chorus that puts a man in his place...'"



... as part of the Crystal's "Get Intimate" series

While we're known for our amazing sold out shows, "Get Intimate" takes advantage of the room's size, shape and décor to provide a completely different music listening experience. On these special evenings we roll out tables, chairs and sofas to create a space that surrounds the dance floor with a variety of candlelit nooks for hanging out, all with glorious sightlines and stellar sound. Whether you camp out on the dance floor, wander and explore the room, get your mingling on, or simply relax and absorb the action, you'll definitely relish the look and feel of this time-honored musical refuge.

w/ guests Swansea

Swansea formed in 2011 when Portland, Oregon music mainstays, keyboardist/singer Rebecca Sanborn and drummer Ji Tanzer recruited Kansas City multi-instrumentalist/singer Kyleen King to expand the sound of their long standing duo project. As a trio, in 2012 the group released their first full length album Old Blood and completed two tours of the western United States. Additionally, in 2012 Swansea found significant success in licensing music for a diverse array of films, including the track & field documentary "We Grew Wings" and the feature length, multi-award winning drama "Light of Mine".

In 2013 Swansea was chosen to represent Portland by being included on the lauded PDXPOPNOW! compilation. In October they were caught on camera for Scott Ballard's third feature-length film, Death On A Rock. Swansea is currently working on their second full length release with the help of John Askew (Neko Case, Wild Flag). Stylistically, Swansea combine artful narrative and atmospheric sweep with a touch of dancey, off-the-cuff toughness-often drawing comparison to LCD Soundsystem, Feist and My Brightest Diamond.