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Sunday, January 22

Crystal Ballroom's 103rd Birthday Free-For-All

YOU WHO: Children's Rock Variety Show (2 p.m.)

Bloco Alegria (4 p.m.)

'80s Video Dance Attack - featuring VJ Kittyrox (5 p.m.)

Biddy on the Bench (3 p.m. in Ringlers Pub)

Tim Connell (7 p.m. in Al's Den)

Special Crystal Birthday Beer

Special 103rd Birthday passport stamp

History presentation, brewery tours, tastings of McMenamins ales, liquors, cocktails & wines, drink and food specials, NFL screenings, special birthday cake ... and much more!

1 p.m. doors

All ages welcome (Al's Den is 21+)


Crystal Ballroom's 103rd Birthday Free-For-All

Back by popular demand! Once again we fling open our doors and invite all comers to this no-cover all-ages birthday wing-ding. With the Crystal Hotel open, the fun covers two city blocks: Music in several rooms; comedy in Al's Den; property tours; kids fun; food and drink specials; tastings of our spirits, wine, cocktails and beer; and of course a special birthday brew will pour throughout the properties. 

Make it a long weekend and get yourself a room at the Crystal Hotel!

And heads up, you Passport holders: We'll be offering a stamp for the "Crystal Ballroom Birthday Discovery Tour."

The party starts in the afternoon and will parade long into the night…

In the Ballroom
2 p.m. - 4 p.m. "You Who" Children's Rock Variety Show
     featuring Ural Thomas & The Pain, Cat Hoch Band, iAmMoshow (The Cat Rapper), Ivy Ross Ricci and more!
4 p.m. - 5 p.m. Bloco Alegria (samba band)
5 p.m. - 8 p.m. 80s Video Dance Attack

Lola's Room (2nd floor)
1 p.m. History presentation
1 p.m. - 8 p.m. - Passport redemption
2 p.m. - 8 p.m. -
NFL playoffs
Watch NFL football on the big screen! 

Ringlers Pub (ground level)
3 p.m. - 6 p.m. Biddy on the Bench

Brewery (second floor)
2 p.m. - 6 p.m. Ale tastings and brewery tours

Al's Den (Crystal Hotel, below ground level)
7 p.m. Tim Connell

Ringlers Annex (Crystal Hotel, below ground level)
3 p.m. - 6 p.m. Wine Tasting

Zeus Cafe (Crystal Hotel, ground level east side)
3 p.m. - 6 p.m. Distillery and cocktail tasting 

Also keep an eye out for our special birthday beer, and ask about our room tours! 

YOU WHO: Children's Rock Variety Show (2 p.m.)

featuring Ural Thomas & The Pain, Cat Hoch Band, iAmMoshow (The Cat Rapper), Ivy Ross Ricci and more!

Children's rock variety show is a half hour-ish of variety entertainment featuring DJs and interactive dance parties with giant barn owls, musical guests, stories, skits, sing a longs, cartoons, artists, puppets, parades and performers.

Their variety show features performances by YOU WHO's house band Sneakin' Out, The Cardboard Songsters, and surprise guests. Ballroom-wide fun includes a Bhangra dance party with DJ ANJALI, blanket forts, hair dos, art activities, a giant parachute and much more fun stuff!

YOU WHO is a benefit for MyMusicRx- the flagship program of Children's Cancer Association who believes that joy matters and music heals. MyMusicRx provides music medicine to seriously ill kids and teens at 19 pediatric hospitals across the nation including locally at Doernbecher Children's Hospital and Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emmanuel

About MyMusicRx
The Children's Cancer Association (CCA) believes joy matters and music heals. Nearly two decades ago, we pioneered a one-of-a-kind pediatric "music medicine" program called MyMusicRx that lets kids choose the music experience that feels right to them. The in-hospital MyMusicRx program includes bedside sing-alongs led by trained music specialists, instrument lending from mobile music carts, tablet checkouts and live concerts from national recording artists. extends our bedside music experience online and invites kids facing cancer and other serious illnesses to feel the music and feel better, by exploring exclusive artists greetings, concerts, music lessons, digital instruments, and games anytime, anywhere. See MyMusicRx programs in action here or visit us at

Visit You Who on Facebook:

Bloco Alegria (4 p.m.)

Bloco Alegria is Portland's newest Rio style samba band. Playing the heart-pumping rhythms of Rio's carnaval parades is what gives this band its unique sound and vibrancy. Composed of people who love samba, Bloco Alegria celebrates the music, dance, and culture of Brasil.

Samba is the most popular dance from Rio de Janeiro. It has deep African ancestral roots with respect to the drums used, the rhythms, and the structure of the music itself. Many of the members of Bloco Alegria have studied and played samba in the US or have gone to Brazil to learn more. Several speak Portuguese.

The word "Alegria" means "Happiness" in Portuguese. The word "Bloco" refers to a "City Block". Historically, people in different neighborhoods of Rio would get together and play samba in the streets, drawing their neighbors out to celebrate. Different neighborhood blocks would form different samba groups with creative and fun names. As time passed, these groups became more formalized and well-known throughout the city and the word "Bloco" took on the meaning of "group" or "band". Currently in Rio, samba groups that play in the streets include groups like "Bloco Suvaco do Cristo", "Bloco Simpatia e Quase Amor", and larger more internationally known groups like "Monobloco".


'80s Video Dance Attack - featuring VJ Kittyrox (5 p.m.)

Before it mutated into a weaponized haze of reality shows, MTV aired a novelty known as the music video. These bite-sized works of art, which married pop songs to striking imagery, revolutionized the entertainment industry and ushered in an era of music known as "new wave." For the task of curating and introducing these fresh sounds and flamboyant sights to audiences, MTV even created its own version of the disc jockey-the VJ.

Though MTV has sent its stable of video jockeys out to pasture, VJ Kittyrox carries the pastel, shoulder-padded torch of Adam Curry and Nina Blackwood as she masterminds the 80s Video Dance Attack. For the last eight years, this popular shindig has united generations of Portlandians with its five-hour feast of '80s-centric sensation.

Across 10-foot screens, VJ Kittyrox projects classic videos from artists such as Duran Duran and Michael Jackson as audiences of Breakfast Clubbers and Pretty in Pinkers perfect their cabbage patch, running man, and Pat Benatar shimmies. A bombastic, thumping sound system and a dazzling light show accentuate the time warp as audiences deck themselves in '80s garb and shake away memories of unsolved rubik's cubes.





Biddy on the Bench (3 p.m. in Ringlers Pub)

Fittingly for an Irish band, Kevin, Nick and Noah met together for the first time at a "Derek Warfield and the Young Wolfetones" concert at Kells Irish Pub in Portland. Kevin and Nick, both hailing from Mentor, Ohio, have been playing together in various configurations for years at Irish festivals and pubs around the mid-west and east coast, while Noah, a native Oregonian with a musical background in bluegrass, choral music, and traditional Irish singing, has been a part of several ensembles around Portland and in his hometown of Estacada. Casey Dyer, the most recent addition to the group, has been performing Irish music regularly in the Portland area- his experience as a session musician added the final ingredient to the musical mélange that is "Biddy on the Bench". Realizing their collective potential, the four began practicing regularly and participating in local open mic and Irish music nights. "Biddy on the Bench" makes frequent appearances at The Highland Stillhouse, Feckin Brewery, and Maher's Pub. Kevin, Noah, Nick, and Casey look forward to expanding into the Portland music scene!

Tim Connell (7 p.m. in Al's Den)

"Mandolin: it's not just for bluegrass anymore." And Tim Connell is one of the nation's premiere performers of the many world music genres outside of the instrument's traditional bluegrass role

McMenamin's audiences may recognize Tim as the multi-instrumentalist "Master of Mayhem" Old Yellers' sideman, but tonight he steps out on his own. Performing his virtuosic solo material or with one of his eclectic world music ensembles, Tim takes his audience on a mando-maniacal odyssey far off the beaten path.


Official Website:

Reverb Nation page:

Special Crystal Birthday Beer

Enjoy our birthday beers for $4 per pint or $8 for growler fills!

Mam Tor ESB
Ay up, Surry! Named for the highest peak in Derbyshire, England, our ESB was made with London ESB Yeast and British barley and rye. A slightly fruity nose gives way to flavors of caramel and spicy hops layered over a bready malt body, finishing with a balancing bite on the tongue.
Special Ingredients: London ESB Yeast
Malts: British Pale, Flaked Barley, British Dark Crystal, British Crystal Rye
Hops: Chinook, US Goldings
OG: 1.060 TG: 1.018 ABV: 5.42 IBU: 30 SRM: 14