CPR Spirits

Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Distillery and Edgefield Distillery spirits are available only at McMenamins. They can be enjoyed by the glass and in mixed drinks at all of our pubs and hotels.

Bottles can be purchased to-go at the following locations:

Edgefield Distillery / Gift Shop · Troutdale, Ore.
CPR Distillery
/ Imbrie Hall · Hillsboro, Ore.
Kennedy School Gift Shop
· Portland, Ore.
Old St. Francis School
· Bend, Ore.
23rd Avenue Bottle Shop · Portland, Ore.
Anderson School · Bothell, Wash.
Old Church & Pub · Wilsonville, Ore.
Grand Lodge · Forest Grove, Ore.
North Bank · Eugene, Ore.
Roseburg Station · Roseburg, Ore.
Hotel Oregon · McMinnville, Ore.
Lighthouse Pub · Lincoln City, Ore.
Gearhart Hotel · Gearhart, Ore.

Frank High Proof Rum

McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Distillery has crafted a new spirit inspired by generations of cocktails and born of 100% diamond 007 molasses and our antique French still. Fermented and distilled twice, then aged for six months in used Cognac barrels, Frank High Proof Rum is bold and forward, imparting exotic fruit and spice aromas. It's named after Frank Imbrie (grandson of the original homesteader who farmed land around Cornelius Pass Roadhouse in the 1850s, and was partial to rum.)

67.5% alcohol by volume, 135 proof
Price: $33 for a 750ml bottle

Phil Hazelnut Liqueur

Phil Hazelnut Liqueur

Phil Hazelnut Liqueur is handcrafted from a base of pure McMenamins unaged wheat whiskey and flavored with Oregon-grown filberts. The hazelnuts used to craft the liqueur are processed just 10 minutes from the CPR distillery. The inspiration for the spirit is a nod to the property, formerly known as Imbrie Farm, which is still dotted with filbert trees.

30% alcohol by volume, 60 proof
Price: $17.50 for a 375ml bottle

Phil Hazelnut Liqueur

Billy Whiskey

Billy is hand crafted in small batches using traditional methods and an ancient Cognac still. Billy Whiskey is distilled from a mash made primarily of wheat, and reflects the local farming history of the Imbrie family that dates back to 1855. Aged in lightly-charred American oak barrels for three years and distilled from a wheat wash. The palate is full bodied with aromas of molasses and oak. The sweet finish is long and spicy with a complex flavor profile with notes of hazelnuts and baked apples.

43.5% alcohol by volume, 87 proof
Price: $35.00 for a 750ml bottle


White Owl Whiskey

We are thrilled to announce that our first spirit to be released from the CPR Distillery, White Owl Whiskey, has returned from the American Distilling Institute conference in Denver, Colorado, with a Bronze Medal! This wheat-based whiskey is produced in an antique Charante Alambic still from the Cognac region of France that is housed in Washington County's oldest agricultural building. We bottle it right out of the still to preserve the fresh aromas of wheat (72.22%) and barley (27.77%) malts. Unaltered by aging in wooden barrels, White Owl Whiskey retains a crystal clarity that belies the intensity of its flavor, and at 98.6 proof it is sure to warm your bones.

49.3% alcohol by volume, 98.6 proof
Price: $22 for a 375ml bottle


Morning Dew

Our first brandy release from Cornelius Pass Distillery, made from Pinot Noir grapes grown at Revana Vineyards in the Dundee hills. Produced by the traditional double Alambic distillation method on our new-to-us yet 100-year-old Alambic still nicknamed "Tina." Taste fruit with lot of vinosity, notes of cherry and red berries, with medium body, good length and depth and a medium structure.

40% alcohol by volume, 80 proof
Price: $19.75 a bottle


Gables Gin

This handcrafted, small-batch gin is made in a century old Alambic still, which captures the delicate flavors and aromas from a carefully selected blend of imported and homegrown botanicals.

Made from a base of organic wheat alcohol, this also features eight botanicals: Juniper, Coriander, Orris Root, Oregon Grape Root, Sage, Chocolate Mint, Rose and Yarrow. The resulting gin is full bodied and floral with flavors of juniper, citrus and rose.

Historically these botanicals have been used for both medicine and magic.

We bottled this at 88 proof (44% alcohol), which seems appropriate – there are eight botanicals and the distillery view is of an eight-sided barn.

44% alcohol by volume, 88 proof
Price: $29.75 a bottle



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