McMenamins Passport

** Available at all Pubs, Hotels & Online **
** $30 each, one per person · 21 & over only **
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Launch your quest to fill your very own McMenamins Passport with stamps from all locations, and become a Cosmic Tripster! On your journey you'll visit your favorite pubs, all while discovering new ones. We'll give you $200 worth of prizes along the way(!) as you earn free tots, burgers, appetizers and goodies. You also get exclusive Passport pint glasses, T-shirts, a growler and other merchandise; every stamp you gather counts! So journey across the McMenamins land, and your grand prize for completion is valued at over $500!

Available at all McMenamins Pubs & Historic Hotels and online.

Our official, free McMenamins smartphone app has a "Passport Tracker" you can use in tandem with your paper Passport. Want to see where Purple Haze is on tap, or what time Jerry's Ice House Bar is open? There's our app for that! How about the number of stamps you've collected on the North/Northeast Portland page? Yup, it's there! The app gives real-time looks at locations near you and their open times and offerings, as well as a function for you to "stamp" locations and experiences you've completed.

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