Red Riser IRA

Available April 14 through May 2017

The New Year is upon us and it gives rise to McMenamins next seasonal beer, Red Riser IRA.

To celebrate the late winter months, McMenamins brewers have handcrafted a delightful India Red Ale, a beer style that is characterized by a deep garnet hue, a rich, malty mouthfeel and the hop character of an IPA. Red Riser IRA is a perfect example of this hearty modern ale style.

At the time of year when it can be cold and bleak outside, Red Riser IRA peeks over the mountain tops to bring warmth and remind us that spring is just around the corner. While waiting for spring to arrive, Red Riser IRA will warm your soul and invigorate your tastebuds. Made from the finest malted barley, along with some rye malt (six different malts in total), this red giant is generously hopped with a heavenly blend of aromatic hop varieties (four different hop varieties). The glorious garnet hue illuminates the way to a wonderfully complex blend of malt flavors. The citrusy floral hop notes hit the nose in a prophetic burst of awareness that something wonderful is to follow. And it does.

Enjoy the season and warm up with a pint of Red Riser IRA while you can.

Malts: Superior Pilsen Malt, Baird's Maris Otter Pale Malt, GWM Melanoidin Malt, Thomas Fawcett Crystal Rye Malt, Franco Belges Caramel Munich 40, Baird's Roast

Hops: Nugget (bittering), Chinook (first wort hop), Centennial (flavor & aroma), Cascade (flavor & aroma)

O.G.: 1.069
T.G.: 1.015
ABV: 6.97%
IBU: 97
SRM: 14

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