Meet Your Maker

Dan Black

Head Brewer
Crystal Ballroom


Meet Dan Black, one of two brewers working their magic at the Crystal Ballroom. Dan worked at many different McMenamins pubs in the roles of bartender, server and assistant manager before moving into commercial brewing.  His first post came at the Highland Pub & Brewery.  

Growing up, he would watch closely while his father carefully brewed beer at home. Once old enough, Dan followed suit and picked up that same hobby.  What seems like a natural progression moved him into the professional brewing world, where he currently takes satisfaction in his career choice. He brews for the love and joy of beer. In his words, "Don't become a brewer for the fame or fortune."

Chasing his own follies, Dan relishes making a hoppy IPA or full-flavored Belgian ale. His passion for making these types is a direct result of his passion for drinking them. His brewery manager gave him insight on how to craft and brew his first Abbey-style Belgian Triple--a recipe that he is proud of. He looks forward to discovering additional unique styles to study and produce. Knowledge is the first of three guidelines Dan finds critical to successful brewing; never stop learning.  Second, take lots of notes.  And finally, utilize all your senses: hearing, sight, taste and intuition.  


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