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Bruce Loux
Edgefield Brewery


Bruce Loux is one of the team of brewers at the Edgefield Brewery, and has worked at just about every pub in just about every position before moving to brewing in 2004. The eight years prior to the change, he was a manager at McMenamins Tavern & Pool on Northwest 23rdAvenue in Portland. After years of experience in the "front of the house" operations, Bruce wanted to learn the other side of the business.  It was that first drink of microbrew at McMenamins Highland Pub in 1990 that intrigued him, thus starting his journey toward commercial brewing; one sip and he never looked back.

As Bruce continues to move through his brewing career, a couple pieces of advice have stuck with him: "Do it for the love of beer, not the glory" and "Don't over think things." Both are strong concepts to remember if you plan to take your love of beer to that next level.

Once a "hop head," Bruce now enjoys making porters and stouts. The balance of malt flavors and their interaction with the hop bitterness appeals to him. His coffee stout, "Percolator," a recipe with excellent reviews, is a particular point of pride for him. Bruce sent Jake's Leg, a rye beer, to the Hillsdale Brew Festival a few years back.  This outstanding ale was a special recipe, and every now and then you can still find it on tap--much to the pleasure of his customers. These reactions from customers are what inspire Bruce to brew.  He enjoys sitting at a bar and seeing someone smile as the first sip of one of his recipes is enjoyed.  As someone who thrives on audience appreciation, Bruce also spends his time as a lead singer for a band, and entertaining his most important audience, his two sons Henry and Harper. 


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