Meet Your Maker

Brady Romtvedt
Head Brewer
Cornelius Pass Brewery 

BradyBrady Romtvedt is one of the two head brewers staffing the Roadhouse Brewery at Cornelius Pass. His overall inspiration is the beautiful complexity of the natural world and our consubstantial connection to all that is. Brady has been brewing for McMenamins since 2008, though his roots in the production staff reach deep into McMenamins history. He fondly remembers stories from his uncle, Mike Burns, who brewed at Hillsdale in its early days. Techniques and equipment have changed over time, but Brady's family has been providing McMenamins with creatively crafted beer for many years. Brady's proudest beer is Dark Star CDA. Made at the forefront of the Cascadian Dark Ale movement, Dark Star has since taken on a life of its own and remains a cult favorite libation at CPR.

"Your beer can't please everybody, so brew what pleases you" - Advice given to Brady in his humble beginnings.

It's a good thing Brady loves a lot of styles. Mostly he enjoys crisp, dry ales and lagers with plenty of hop flavor, but not too much alcohol; beers that quench the thirst and please the palate without tucking you in at night. His passion for Oregon craft brew has been building for a long time. Brady enjoys having a job that combines creativity and hard physical work that results in a tangible product that people love. He recommends making peace with being sprayed in the face with beer and yeast if you're interested in making brewing a career.  

Before he was quenching our thirst with his malted creations, Brady served as an Operations Manager of a non-profit. Outside of work, he enjoys playing in the wilds of Vernonia with his chainsaw, canoe, pruners, axe, bicycle, and wife Shannon and new son, Jack. When the sun finally sets, he sits on the back porch with a beer in hand, listening to the creek ramble by. 


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