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Matt Bergfield
Edgefield Brewery Manager


Matt Bergfield is the current Manager at the Edgefield Brewery. His entire career has been based around beer, starting with a brief stint as a beer-tender at a bar in Boston. Upon graduating from Boston College with a degree in literature, he was hired at Harpoon Brewery, and for three years worked in a handful of capacities–including cellar work and bottling. Joining the McMenamins team in 2011 and operating the Edgefield Brewery, Matt has been utilizing his experience and flexing creative muscle at this location ever since.

Originally wanting to become a writer, Matt found his passion for brewing when a friend challenged him to a home brewing contest. Having never brewed before, he ended up winning by making a hoppy Alt style beer. Though he didn't realize it, he made an Altbier at the time. That beer was the fork in the road that changed his professional ambitions.

His proudest beer is his first commercial brew at Boston's Harpoon Brewery, and he won't forget the thrill of success when walking into a store and seeing a beer he created on the shelves. In fact, his most rewarding moments in brewing all come via interactions with customers, and he draws inspiration from those who enjoy his craft.

Brewing is a trade that requires its practitioners to work sometimes difficult hours and stay on task until the job is complete. Someone once told him that no matter how hard his day at the brewery was, there are a lot of other people working jobs they hate who would love a chance to be creative, work with their hands, associate with like-minded individuals , and be around the magic of fermenting beer every day. For those who want to work in the brewing industry, he recommends reading lots of technical brewing books, both before and after becoming a brewer. 

When those boots do get kicked off for the day, Matt is often outside biking and hiking, or inside playing video and board games. 


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