Meet Your Maker

Chris Oslin
Head Brewer
Cornelius Pass Brewery 


Chris Oslin, a resident brewer for Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, got his start with McMenamins at the Thompson Brewery in Salem. His proudest achievement was serving as the catalyst for a company-wide change in the brewing process for Ruby, one of our most popular beers. Chris had experimented with using aseptic raspberry puree vs. frozen whole raspberries.  Upon successful testing, his experiment became the new company standard.

When he joined our team in the early '90s, he brought with him a wealth of experience from his former position in sales and distribution at Widmer Brothers Brewing. He joined McMenamins to get his hands dirty while crafting some amazing concoctions.

Chris' passion for beer is rooted in the year he spent in Salzburg, Austria. Along these lines, one of his favorite styles to make is lagers, as the lager yeasts provide for crisp, clean flavors. He was told early on, while learning the ropes, "Make the beer that you like and want to drink." So far the advice has worked; what he likes to drink seems to please everyone. In his words, he is inspired by many things, but mainly "the everyday experience of living on this 'ball of confusion,' a.k.a. earth."

The ball of confusion is an excellent description for the day-to-day experience of a brewer. New techniques constantly come out and the desire to create the best beer possible keeps brewers like Chris chasing the elusive concept of the perfect process. His love of beer combined with a job that is never routine has allowed Chris to have a career where he loves what he does. For those looking to a career in brewing, Chris has a suggestion: stay in shape. It's a physical job and being in good shape allows for easier days and less risk of injury.

When Chris's world isn't revolving around beer, it's revolving around his family, whom he enjoys spending time with, as they are his inspiration and support.


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