Passport Registration

Registering your Passport is an important step on your Quest to become a Cosmic Tripster. Use the form below to create an account in our NEW McMenamins Portal and register your Passport.  Is this your second, third or more Passport?  If so, you may already have an account in our system!  You can check here by entering your email address and clicking 'Submit'.  If it doesn't find your account then use the form below to create one.

What you need to register:

  • Your Passport number (located on the inside of the front cover of your Passport)
  • Your own email address. Two people cannot share an email address.

Why you should register:

  • Registering now will save you time later when you get that last stamp and go to your nearest McMenamins Hotel Front Desk to collect your Grand Prize.  Your Passport must be registered to complete the process and become a Cosmic Tripster.
  • Only registered Passports can be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged.
  • You will use your registered account in the McMenamins Portal to redeem your free concert or movie tickets. 
  • Cosmic Tripsters who have completed a Passport within the last year but have not redeemed their free tickets will need to set up their account to claim their prize.

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