Getting Started

Q: What the devil is a McMenamins Passport?!
The McMenamins Passport is your way of keeping track of all the McMenamins locations that you visit--and our way of rewarding you for doing so! When you visit any McMenamins, ask your server for a stamp. You can receive stamps just for visiting our locations, but the stamping doesn't stop there! Click here for the full list of rules and details.

Q: Thirty bucks! Why do I have to buy a Passport? Shouldn't you just give it to me as a loyal fan?
We're awarding more than $200 in prizes during the quest (per person!), and a grand prize worth $500 once that Passport is full o' stamps, so that one-time $30 is sooooo worth it. Passports are sold at all our locations.

Q: Can I share a Passport with someone else?
No, each Passport and its unique number is assigned to an individual. This means your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors...will all have to get their own Passports, but can share in your journey by galavanting together!

Q: Can I buy a Passport if I'm not 21?
No, Passports are only for those 21 and older. But it's a great thing to ask for as a present for your 21st birthday.

Q: Can I give a Passport as a gift?
Yes, you can give them as gifts, but the recipients must be 21 or older.

Q: Can I use the ‘Passport Tracker' within the McMenamins app to track my stamps instead of my printed Passport?
A: No, the handy gems in our app are to help you along the Passport journey, so keep ahold of your actual Passport to redeem prizes and gather actual stamps.

General Rules

Q: How long do I have to fill my Passport?
You can take as long as you want; the Passport doesn't expire. So whether it takes you two months or years...take whatever time you need to gather all the stamps to complete your Passport.

Q: Can I use 2 Passports at the same time?
No, only 1 Passport per person. When you finish one you can start another though! Maybe do the next one in the order the locations opened!

Q: Can I help my friend/partner/spouse by getting their stamps because they couldn't make it to the pub?
No, only the owner of the Passport can receive stamps and prizes for that Passport.

Q: I'm a Cosmic Tripster--can I get a new Passport?
Yes! Just remember: when you begin gathering stamps in that second Passport, you can only use one Passport at a time, so that first Passport will need to be retired, just used to show your Tripster status. Also, you can only complete two Passports per year, so take your time and enjoy the Quest.

McMenamins Portal

Q: What's this Portal I keep hearing about?
The McMenamins Portal is your one-stop Passport management center. You can register new Passports here and it will make the process of becoming a Cosmic Tripster sooooo much easier. Also, registering your Passport is the only way that you can receive a new Passport if you lose it.

Q: What else can I do with the Portal?
Once you become a Cosmic Tripster, you will use the Portal to claim your concert or movie tickets.

Q: What happens if I do not register?
 That’s OK, however you will need to register at the hotel Front Desk when you become a Cosmic Tripster, and that time would be better spent celebrating your Quest!

Gathering Stamps

Q: Do I have to purchase anything to get a location stamp?
No purchase is necessary to receive a location stamp at the vast majority of our locations. Some event locations (think theaters) require a ticket purchase to enter and get the stamp.

Q: What if I go to a location and one of the bars are closed that I need to get a stamp from?
A: You'll have to come back when the particular bar is open. We recommend that you check ahead for hours of the small bars, especially if you're taking a trip just to get the stamps in your Passport. The small bars with limited hours are notated with an asterisk (*) on the actual Passport.

Q: What happens if you open a new pub before I'm done getting all my stamps?
You'll need to add the new location to your journey and get that stamp before you can complete your Passport.

Q: Do I have to get all the experience stamps to fill my Passport?
No. But we sure hope you try as many of them as you can. (Plus you get a $20 gift card for every 4 you do). See the "Experience Stamps & Beyond" section below for more information on these stamps.

Q: What if I've essentially been doing my own Passport and I already have a list of every McMenamins I've gone to?
That's awesome! And as much as we appreciate your patronage, we started fresh in order for our stampers (a.k.a. our many employees) to have a straightforward, official Passport to stamp based on your smiling face showing up in their location. So you'll have to purchase a Passport and start your journey again in order to receive the prizes. The road to the grand prize begins with one small step into a pub....

Q: Darn it, the dog ate my Passport! I dropped it in a puddle and it disintegrated! OK, so I lost it, what now?
 If you registered your Passport number online, we will replace it. Just login to your account, and click on the ‘Request Replacement Passport’ button.  We’ll ask you to verify your mailing address and send you a new one in the mail.  If you didn't register your Passport, we're sorry but you'll need to purchase a new one and start over. The moral of the story is: register your Passport and keep it in all its shiny glory in a special place that is both handy and secret!


Extra Steps designated by an Icon

Q: What does the Camera icon mean? Camera
At all our hotel locations (as well as at Roseburg Station Pub and Lighthouse Pub), you'll have to take a photo to get your stamp. Head to the hotel front desk or ask your server what piece of artwork you need to find. Once you find the artwork, take a photo (selfie!) with you and the artwork and show your server or the hotel front desk staff to receive your stamp.

Q: What does the Tix icon mean?Tix
: The ticket icon indicates that tickets are needed to get inside that location and get your stamp. Note: There are some free shows, tours and/or special events such as birthdays that do not require purchasing a ticket to get the stamp.


Q: I gathered all the stamps on one page. Do I have to get my prize right now?
Nope! You don't have to redeem your prize on the spot when you get your final stamp in a Passport region.

Q: Ok, but now I do want my prize for finishing out a region. Can I get my prize at any McMenamins?
You can only redeem the prize at one of the locations listed within the page you've filled. For example, if you gather all the stamps on Page 8 for "Hawthorne Boulevard" locations, you'll need to claim your prize at one of those same 5 locations. Additionally, we ask that you please inform staff that you are claiming your Passport prize at the time that you order. Our staff will thank you!

Q: My prize says it's a "Burger of your choice" what qualifies as a burger?
If it's under the burger section on the menu or has burger in the name, it counts! The same goes for sandwiches and appetizers. These are available to-go as well.

Q: I love the exclusive Passport prizes, like the t-shirt from Roseburg or the custom growler; can I buy one for my friend?
These prizes are just for you, the Passport holders! While we don't sell any of these items, all one needs to do to get one is buy a Passport and start stamping.

Experience Stamps & Beyond

Q: What is an Experience stamp and how many Experience stamps are needed for an Experience prize?
When you participate in an Experience activity (defined in the Passport itself) you can receive a specific stamp. All Experiences are listed either in the Passport on pages 4, 5 and 6, or in the Passport Insert. Examples: Play a Game (shuffleboard, pinball, pool), Buy a Pint of McMenamins Hard Cider, Tour the Edgefield Winery, Stay the Night at a hotel, Relax with a Spa Treatment, and many more! For every 4 experiences completed, you earn a $20 gift card. The gift cards can be claimed at any location, but not all Experiences are available at all locations. Check here for details.

Q: Do I have to get all the Experience stamps to fill my Passport?
No. But we sure hope you try as many of them as you can. (Plus you get a $20 gift card for every 4 you do).

Q: For the Experience stamps, if I stay the night four nights in a row can I then get a $20 gift card?
Nope, only one stamp per Experience. But if you stay the night we're sure there are other Experience stamps you can get during your stay, so you may just earn that $20 gift card after all.

Q: Why are there blank pages in my Passport?
We have many "just for fun" stamps that you can collect along your journey. Wine month stamps, Ruby's Birthday stamps, and Copper Moon seasonal ale stamps are just a few examples...new stamps can pop up at any time. We will inform you of new stamp opportunities in our Passport emails (sign up here!) and on the McMenamins Passport Facebook site.

The Passport "Insert"

Q: What is the Passport insert and is there a cost?
The Passport Insert is a separate set of 8 experience stamps (leading to two $20 gift cards!) which are not included in the main Passport. The cost of the Insert is $5.00. The Insert also comes with extra pages if you're running out of room collecting all those "just for fun" stamps.

Q: Can I only get the "Make Merry at McMenamins on Your Birthday" stamp on my actual birthday?
The stamp can only be received on your actual birthdate; bring your photo ID so we don't have to guess how old you are.

Q: I want to get my "Have a Pint with Your Pup" stamp. Can I get this at any McMenamins?
Not all locations are pet friendly; check our pet friendly page for a list of locations. Once you know where you're headed, just bring your living, breathing pet out for a pint and we'll give you the stamp. One stamp per pet per visit.

Grand Prize

Q: I did it! Now, where do I get my grand prize?
The grand prize and your final completion stamp deeming you a "Cosmic Tripster" are available at any of our historic hotels: Edgefield, Kennedy School, Crystal Hotel, Hotel Oregon, Grand Lodge, White Eagle, Old St. Francis School, Gearhart and Olympic Club (coming in October 2015: Anderson School, in Bothell, Wash.).

Q: Do I have to go to a hotel to get my last stamp?
Yes and no. You can get your last stamp at any location. However, to be officially done with your Passport and to get your grand prize and to start taking advantage of your year of happy hour drink prices, you have to get a completion stamp in your Passport. Those are only available at our hotels. Lucky for you, we have 9 hotels.

Q: Are there a limited number of grand prizes?
No. Every person who fills their Passport will get the grand prize-not bad for a $30 investment, eh?

Cosmic Tripsters

Q: I'm a Cosmic Tripster and get my drinks for happy hour prices. Can I buy drinks for my friends at this price, too?
No. The happy hour price only applies to you, even if you're nice enough to buy their drinks. But anyone in the group can make a toast! Additionally, we ask that you please inform staff that you are claiming your Cosmic Tripster happy hour discount at the time that you order. Our staff will thank you!

Q: Does the Cosmic Tripster Happy Hour pricing apply to pitchers? Or food?
No. The happy hour pricing only applies to individual drinks. But hey, there's no limit on the number of times you use this happy hour happiness....

Q: Does my Cosmic Tripster happy hour discount extend to specialty cocktails?
No. The Cosmic Tripster happy hour discount only applies to beverages that are actually on the happy hour menu and regularly get discounted during that time. However, pitchers, flights and taster trays are not included.

Q: I'm a Cosmic Tripster. How will I find out about the parties and exclusive fun stuff I can go to?
McMenamins will send you e-mails and post these announcements on our McMenamins Passport Facebook page (be sure to give it the ol' thumbs up "like" on Facebook).

Q: How do I get invited to the Cosmic Tripster Party?
When you officially become a Tripster, you (and you alone) qualify for attendance to one Tripster party. We'll send you an invitation prior to the event.

Have a question? Email passport@mcmenamins.com.

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