Meet Your Maker

Tyler Staples

Head Brewer
Highland Brewery & Public House

Tyler Staples

Tyler Staples took the reins of the brewing operation for Highland Pub and Brewery. Before entering the brewery department, Tyler was a smiling pubster at the Raleigh Hills Pub. He had just arrived from the University of Idaho, moving to Portland in December 2012.

When he's not whipping up tasty brews for his pubs, Tyler enjoys outdoor activities; disc golf, bird-watching and any activities designed for a true outdoorsman. During stormier weather, he shifts to his educational passion of literature. He majored in English, and enjoys reading materials ranging from poetry to fiction to trade magazines.

Like many Northwest brewers, Tyler enjoys playing around with the diversity of hops we have available, though his current goal is practicing restraint as he learns that sometimes less is more. He also enjoys creating Belgian-style beers. McMenamins fresh-hop brew Thundercone is a real treat for him. The process of getting hops from field to kettle within 24 hours is an adventure that creates a special brew.
Tyler would advise anyone getting into brewing to be good to your yeast. As the saying goes, “Brewers make wort, yeast makes beer.” These microscopic organisms are a huge factor in making beer and are often overlooked. He also believes in the importance of having fun and learning from each experience. Things taught in a classroom can only take you so far; you have to continually keep learning. Being a man of literature, he is inspired by stories he has read and the stories we create ourselves. Life is a narrative and he is currently writing his with every brew he develops.

Friar Tuck's passage on beer from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves:

This is grain which any fool can eat. But for which the Lord intended a much more divine means of consumption. Let us give praise to our Maker, and glory unto his bounty by learning about... Beer.


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