Anderson School has all kinds of faces peering at visitors, all steeped in history. Local artists created much of the one-of-a-kind artwork based on historical photos, interviews and articles from the school, alumni, Bothell Historical Society and local families and colorful residents. See if you can spot the painting of Bothell pioneers and namesakes, David C. and Mary Ann Bothell, and their downtown Bothell hotel, which was sadly lost to a fire in 1908. Keep an eye out for the painting of Patty Murray, famed U.S. Senator from Bothell, too-and so many other people and events that have shaped Bothell. Hotel rooms each bear the name of a historical figure, from Room 223, the Dan Hall Room named for the beloved longtime bus driver and first school custodian; Room 114, the Ben McAdoo Room named for a Seattle civil rights leader & first African-American architect to have a practice in Washington.

Our Japanese "Kongo" has taken up residence, as have many faces and other artifacts collected from around the world.

From the intricate lamps shining down-including some from a factory in war-torn Syria that no longer exists-to paintings, relics, stained glass, repurposed windows...we've let our imagination run wild with this school project. We invite you to keep exploring the meaning and historical significance behind so much of our Anderson School, and to craft history of your own.

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