North Shore Lagoon Pool
Now featuring Swim Lessons

Learn to Swim at the Lagoon in our warm,
shallow saltwater pool!

Our learn-to-swim program is designed to help swimmers of all ages and ability levels have fun as they each learn to swim at their own pace. Group instruction ratio is 5 swimmers to 1 instructor.

Preschool Lessons: Ages 3 - 5 years (must be fully potty trained) - We start with water comfort and safety and work up to floating and gliding with kicking and introduction to arm strokes. We incorporate games into our instruction to keep it fun. Our preschool program is for getting little ones on the road to being water safe, and the basics of swimming.

Youth Lessons: Ages 6 - 12 years - School-age lessons begin by teaching basic water adaptation, comfort and safety while teaching skill progressions such as floating, gliding with kicking and introduction to front crawl with rhythmic breathing. As the student progresses, breaststroke and elementary backstroke will taught along with regular backstroke and our Stroke Refinement class works on drills to refine the strokes already learned along with butterfly and flip turns.

Please note that group lessons will resume in April and we hope to have online registration.

$70 per student + tax. We accept cash and credit/debit cards; no checks. No phone registrations, but questions are welcome at 425-219-4359 or by email.

Private Lessons for children age 4+ to adults by appointment
We personalize the lessons to the individual. We teach adult lessons to everyone from beginner to tri-athletes who want to improve their stroke. Private lessons cost $30 per session (30 minutes) or 4 sessions for $110 - by appointment only. Call 425-219-4359 or email us.


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