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House Rules

As our guest, please respect the house and ensure the safety and comfort of those around you by observing our House Rules. 

  • Backpacks are not permitted.
  • Re-entry policy is determined on the day of the show, and we can't guarantee that re-entry will be permitted.


  • Possession or use of illegal substances
  • Possession or use of permanent markers or paint pens
  • Possession of any type of weapon
  • Possession or use of false identification
  • Willful damage to the property
  • Cursing or verbal harassment towards other customers or staff
  • Inconsiderate behavior towards other customers or staff
  • Any form of inappropriate, racial or physical harassment , including displaying symbols that the venue deems to be threatening
  • Intoxication before entry
  • Consumption of any alcoholic beverage not purchased on premise
  • Smoking in non-designated areas
  • Violence of any nature

Thank you for your help in making the Crystal Ballroom safe, comfortable and fun for all.


I have questions about your box office and ticketing ... where do I find that info?
Our box office page on our website has a wealth of information about all things ticketing: box office hours and locations, will call, refunds and more. If you can't find the information you're looking for, feel free to shoot us an email

What seating is available?
Both the Crystal Ballroom and Lola's Room specialize in open-floor shows with a very limited amount of seats. The Crystal Ballroom has 60 seats in its mezzanine (a 21-and-over area), and most of the time they are available to purchase on a first-come, first-served basis. If mezzanine tickets are available, you will see the option to buy them when making your purchase.

Is the Crystal balcony reserved for ages 21 and over?

I heard that fees are lower if I buy tickets in person ... is this true?
Yup, the fee is only two bucks for Crystal and Lola's shows if you buy those tickets in person at our outlets. PLEASE NOTE: Since Crystal Ballroom box office hours are very limited, here's a pro tip for ya: purchase your tickets at our outlet at 23rd Avenue Bottle Shop to receive the same fee deal. The Bottle Shop is open daily from 10am to 10pm, and is located at 2290 NW Thurman Street in NW Portland.

Help, I can't find my tickets! Can you resend/email them to me?
Even better, just go here and provide your email address as well as the last 4 digits of the card used for purchase. A ticket confirmation will be sent to you.

I have a print-at-home ticket ... can you just scan the original email from my phone?
We're able to scan ticket barcodes from most phones.... Make sure your brightness is turned up for best results! If that doesn't work we will be able to enter your ticket's order number into the system and get you into the show that way.

I can't make the show; can I get a refund?
We are not able to offer refunds. If you opted to purchase insurance through our ticketing company as part of your ticket purchase, you should have received an email from Allianz Global Assistance and you can file a claim with them directly. You are also welcome to sell your tickets.

Someone sold two tickets to me for tomorrow's show. When I arrive at the venue, will there be any issues since I wasn't the original buyer?
We are unable to determine the validity of third party tickets. Also, a ticket may be scanned only once for entry. If your ticket was purchased from someone who sold the tickets to multiple parties, only the first person who shows up will be granted entry.

Are there still tickets / VIP tickets to a show? 
You can check this by finding the show on the Crystal Ballroom online calendar and clicking the ticket link, where availability information will be displayed.

I couldn't get a ticket for a sold-out show. Is there any way I can get one?
The best we can say is that sometimes the artist or promoter will release some tickets that they've been holding onto. We can't predict, however, if or when that might happen.

How do you accommodate for ADA?
For ADA accommodations please contact us by email. Please note we are only able to accommodate until the ADA section is at capacity.

Can I bring my camera to a show?
While we don't have specific house policy, we do enforce the band's policies, and we don't typically know those policies until the day of the show. Usually only phones or small handheld cameras are allowed, but all attendees are subject to the stipulations from the band. Professional camera gear is almost never permitted.

Are Light Gloves allowed?

I understand the Ballroom is on the third floor... is there an elevator? 
Yes... it's conveniently located in the main lobby. Trivia nugget: the elevator carriage is the 1914 original! (Happily, however, the propulsion and safety equipment is all modern.)

Is there a coat check?
This is determined on a show-by-show basis.

What's your re-entry policy?
Due to a variety of factors in play for each performance, re-entry policy is determined on the day of the show, and we can't guarantee that re-entry will be permitted. Please see our House Rules (above) for additional important entry-based information.

I'm interested in performing at your venue; who can I contact?
You can email

I want to work at the Crystal Ballroom!
We want to hear from you! Please check out our employment page and apply there!

I want to hold a private event in that glorious space!
Please visit our private event page for details! We have a dedicated staffer that can help with weddings, meetings, parties, you name it!

What is the venue capacity?
1500 standing, 850 seated.

Do you have air conditioning?
We do indeed have air conditioning, but there's a LOT of air in the room and it can be tricky to keep the space cool. We set up water stations at our shows, and you are permitted to bring your own empty water bottle to fill there so you can stay hydrated.


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