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68,500+ batches and counting!


McMenamins operates 25 breweries – the newest, located in Bothell, Washington opened in September 2015.  Since our first brew at the Hillsdale Brewery & Public House in 1985, McMenamins has produced more than 68,000 batches. In 2014, our breweries collectively crafted 3,251 batches of beer (including more than 250 new and unusual house-specific recipes), which equaled more than 46,750 kegs of beer or an astounding 5.8 million pints!

photoIn keeping with McMenamins' company philosophy, our breweries believe that brewing "green" is brewing responsibly. Waste products are given to local farmers, where they can be used; materials used are recycled or reused whenever possible; and second-hand equipment is largely used. Have a look at our earth-friendly brewing practices.

Many beer lovers are familiar with our ales: Terminator Stout, Hammerhead, Ruby, Edgefield Wheat, Black Rabbit Porter, Sunflower IPA and others. Read more about these "standards" and dozens of other beers, including our beloved seasonal ales. All of the McMenamins beers you know and love are made at our Washington and Oregon locations, with many coming from our Portland Breweries.

photoDue to the nature of handcrafting, it's safe to say that no two McMenamins batches are identical. Science and technology provide the backbone for our craft, but it is the unique qualities of each brew house, and the individual brewer's ale-crafting style, that ensure you will enjoy liquid refreshments that are truly special and made with every care for the environment. Whether you're in Seattle, Salem, Roseburg or Portland, breweries with the iconic McMenamins name are near. Come in and sip some creativity. Cheers!

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