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The original Hotel Gearhart, built in 1890, was a popular summertime retreat for wealthy Portlanders and their families. Within a year or two, an informal golf course was laid out nearby (which evolved into today's 18-hole Gearhart Golf Links). The hostelry burned down in 1913, as did it successor, two years later. The third Hotel Gearhart opened in 1923, and remained an Oregon Coast landmark until being razed in 1972.

For decades and generations, the Sand Trap has been a lightning rod for camaraderie and epic gatherings of golfers and non-golfers alike. The place has survived dire economic downturns, war, even calamitous fire. In the context of the history of the remarkable beach community of Gearhart and a rich tradition of golf that predates almost all others in the Western United States, the Sand Trap's saga brims with some of the greatest characters, achievements and antics of the region. 

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