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We're excited you want to work with us! Here's what you should know about the application process:
Grab a snack, take the dog out, and plug in your iPod, because the application process may take some time, up to 45 minutes for some positions. We'll confirm via email when we've received your application, so make sure your spam-filter allows email from McMenamins is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Nos emociona que desea trabajar con nosotros! Aquí está lo que usted debe saber sobre el proceso de solicitud: tomar un aperitivo, llevar el perro hacia fuera y conecta tu iPod, porque el proceso de solicitud puede tomar algún tiempo, hasta 45 minutos para algunas posiciones... Confirmaremos por correo electrónico cuando hemos recibido su solicitud, así que asegúrese de que su filtro de spam permite el correo de McMenamins es un empleador de igualdad de oportunidades.

"The wheel is turning and we can't slow it down..."
-- Paraphrased from the Grateful Dead's "The Wheel"

"In our wildest dreams, who could have imagined that our company would grow into what it has become? The relationships and community, the history and the sense of doing something of lasting importance, restoration, providing neighborhood centers for people of all ages to meet, converse, have a meal, providing jobs where people can continue to learn, to grow, to have families, and have two Stark Deluxes in every garage! It is quite amazing and a great tribute to all the folks who comprise this company -- a wild assortment of characters who make having fun mandatory.

Over the years, the complexity and breadth of the company has increased dramatically. We began with pubs and now operate breweries, theaters, hotels, meeting facilities, music venues, a distillery and winery. We have begun to learn what fun really is. Working hard is a fine start. Working hard with people you like and can communicate with is the second most important part.

Customers are our livelihood, and it is an extremely fragile relationship that we must constantly nurture. We have established ourselves in this business to be a serious player. One major reason why is that we have great people executing the three-part harmony in symphonic and torrential search for the elusive oneness. In other words, we care about the customer from the moment they arrive 'til they have to leave us, and we invite them to please come back and partake in the community fun."

Mike McMenamin

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