The Spar Café

From one family to another — welcome to McMenamins!

Stop by and play some pinball or try our 22-footer shuffleboard table!

Olympia's beloved Spar Café was family-owned for 60 of its 70 years of existence and then changed hands to another Pacific Northwest family — ours! From its original days as a blue-collar joint for dockworkers and loggers to its modern reinterpretation as a gathering spot for students, politicians and legislators, The Spar has a long-running history as an anchor of the community. Have a look at an excerpt from our newsletter for a story on the Spar's past.

McMenamins is pleased to continue the family tradition, with a nod to its past and an eye on its future. We offer family-friendly breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, including such McMenamins staples as hearty pancakes, housemade granola, burgers, fresh salads, seasonal specials and more, along with a selection of our handcrafted ales, wines and spirits.

Want to try a beer made with 3,330-year-old artesian well water (give or take 50 years)? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our beer is brewed onsite, and the water comes from the artesian well bubbling away in the basement!
According to one hydrogeologist, the water is from an aquifer called the Tumwater Sand of the Holocene Epoch, a deposit of the Deschutes River (in Wa., not Ore.). The sand was deposited as the Deschutes re-established its channel after the last glacier withdrew from the Puget Sound, about 12,000 years ago – all of which makes for one historic pint of beer.

Spar Café allows pets to be tied up outside of the patio areas.


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