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McMenamins Donation Program

Our pubs, hotels and theaters are committed to and active proponents of the well-being of our communities. In striving to keep our neighborhoods vital, we target opportunities that bring our properties, employees and charities together.

Who McMenamins supports:

We focus contributions in the following areas within our local communities:

  • Education
  • Human support services
  • Community development

At this time, we:

  • Do not donate for the purpose of third-party giving (i.e., to an organization doing a fundraiser for another organization).
  • Do not purchase tables or tickets for charitable events, nor do we donate cash.
  • Do not sponsor teams or organizations.
  • Do not donate to or support any political party or candidate or projects of a political nature.
  • Do not donate to or fund capital campaigns or employee charitable giving funds.
  • Do not donate gift cards to the employees or volunteers of an organization or charity.
  • Do not donate to cover travel expenses or to fund individual causes.

Other considerations:

  • In order to keep our donations within our local communities, national and international organizations are not given a high priority.
  • We prefer to disperse our donations to as many local charities as possible, rather than donate a large percentage to a single organization.

Donation options:

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