Oct 28 2010

It's no big secret that some of our joints are thought to be haunted. The White Eagle Saloon & Rock ‘n' Roll Hotel, for example, has long been included on lists of Portland's most haunted spots, while Edgefield in Troutdale, Ore., even made it onto a national list of "Top Ten Most Haunted Hotels"!

We can neither confirmed nor deny these reports - who are we to say either way? But you, our guests (and more than a few employees), are more than welcome to form your own conclusions -- and many of you have over the years, so many that several of our properties keep ghost logs at the front desk. So when someone comes down from their room and starts by saying, "You're going to think I'm crazy, but..." we simply hand them the ghost log and a pen.

Here are just a few excerpts from the ghost logs over the years... and some may say it's just the Hammerhead talking, but who knows for sure... Do you dare to stay the night with us, maybe get the chance to record your own entry in our ghost logs? Or do you already have a tale to tell?


Ghost Eagle"Sensed a middle aged/elderly woman standing over the bed. Fought out of sleep. No one there."

"I was doing housekeeping about a month ago and I was standing at the foot of the bed when suddenly I felt ‘something' firmly grab my ankle and not let go until I jumped away. I looked under the bed and there was nothing. Freaked me out a little." - As noted by hotel housekeeping staff

"I felt a quick breeze and the strongest sweet scent came over me. It smelled like flowers, kind of perfume-like. . . . I lay in bed for an hour and saw shadows dancing on the walls, the ceiling and the window. Spirits were flying around the room - it was a great encounter."

Ghost Edgefield"A a woman informed us at check-out that she awoke to someone standing over her. That afternoon housekeeping reentered the room after cleaning it to find pillows tossed about. Then we had [another guest feel a] tap-tap on her chest in the middle of the night."

"I was taking a shower then all of a sudden I felt a hand grab my butt. I screamed and grabbed my towel to dry off and get my clothes on. Right as I spotted my shirt, it flew up in the air!" -- (We, uh, apologize for that one... we'll have the manager speak to the ghost in question.)

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#1 Monique

I'd like to see the ghost log stories from October 2001's  "Resonance from the Festival". How can i see a copy ?
Also, is there any followup research of any of the ghosts reported? Any historic background information specific to the experiences logged?  In particular, The Grand Lodge's "Virginia" in the 2nd floor rooms.  I'd heard she was the last resident to LEAVE... ?

#2 Angela

I would also love more ghost log stories as well, as I will be travelling to Edgefield later this month.

#3 Deanna

We were having lunch at the Old St. Francis school, My daughter was washing her hands in the bathroom and she saw a spirit with a pair of old black mens shoes in the corner of her eye standing right behind her.

#4 Meredith

My husband and I were married at Grand Lodge Childrens Cottage in November 2006 and many of our party stayed the night, but most claimed not to sleep well despite the evenings "high spirited" (double entaundre) frivolity. Most complained of being watched or hearing things, some saw doors open and other's left with a ride home because they couldn't stay! I love that place!

#5 tina

Captured the see-thru "orbs" on several of my photos. They only show in the hall on the 3rd floor. Nothing on lens as they change positions. My boyfriend took a photo of himself and he is half see-thru. Different camera, different year than the one where I am partially see-thru with an orange glow standing right next to me.

#6 Robin

My husband and I were married at Edgefield in August '09. As we were packing up and getting ready to leave, I wanted to take a picture of the inscription on the wall about the who the room was dedicated for. I lifted my camera, and before I put my finger on the shutter, the camera took a picture. Thankfully, my husband witnessed it happen, so I know I wasn't losing it! Awesome ending to an incredible event!

#7 Jennifer Smith

When my best friend and I stayed the night one weekend nearly 15 year ago, I felt something sit on the edge of my bed during the night. I either dreamt it. It did wake me up.

During my honeymoon 11 years ago, my husband and I took a ride on the elevator. We got in, the doors shut, we felt and heard nothing, then the doors opened. We talked about how it must not be working. So we stepped out and realized that the elevator did move us to the next floor. Because that tripped out out, we hopped back in. On the second trip we did feel and hear it.

#8 AlexSandra McNabb

My husband and I frequently go to Edgefield to just look around and catch a movie after dinner. One time when we were just wandering around the place we got in the elevator. This was before we were married, and as soon as the doors closed he started kissing me passionately. During the kiss, I felt someone grab a bunch of hair and pull! It was NOT my husband (his hands were nowhere near my head!). I sensed an older woman who was displeased with such a graphic display of private moments in a "public" place. Freaked me out at the time, but laugh about it now.

#9 Teresa S.

I was at Edgefield before you bought it. We had a company party there. I had no idea it was haunted at that time. I left the ballroom to find the ladies room and ended up looking at a wonderful mural of the history of the place (I hope its still there) I turned to find a janitor with an old rag mop in the hall and it smelled like someone was burning matches. I asked for the ladies room and he looked at me and pointed down the hall. I went where he directed me and it was really cold and no bathroom anywhere. I went back where i came from and he wasn't around so I went back to the ballroom and asked one of the hostess and she pointed me in the "right" direction and I told her about the Janitor and she said that was not a real janitor, and this place was haunted...i have not been able to come back no matter how curious i am about your renovations....Maybe one day.

#10 Angel G.

I'd like to know which room (s) at the White Eagle have had the most reported paranormal activity. If anyone knows, please share! We're local and want to check it out!

#11 Kimberley B.

My 5-year old and my husband were mentioning today, about how the property we live on (which was once part of the Multnomah Co. poor farm and is up the hill from Edgefield), is haunted. My husband said every once in a while, he'll get the sensation of his ankle being grabbed. And then my daughter mentioned how she sometimes feels her hair being tugged, or someone poking her shoulder while she is coloring. I've had moments, where I will walk in my home, feel a poke in the hip (as if I brushed up against an object), but when I look back, nothing is there. It reminded me though, of how my daughter was when she was between the ages of 1 1/2 and 3 1/2. I would always catch her in her room, talking to herself. At the hype of all these ghost shows, I sat down, and asked her a little more about it. She said that she was speaking to the "black guy" and the "white lady". I asked her what they looked like, and she described the black man wearing "dark clothes and dirt on top of his shoes". The white lady wore a white dress and a white hat. After a period of skepticism, I wrote into Edgefield, to ask if there was any information they could provide. (Because what year and a half year old describes a man wearing dirty clothes like that?) I was told that aside from apparations of a nurse, that there was also a black man that had wandered off the property, and when he was found, he had become trapped in a barbed wire fence and had died. I ask my daughter about it now, and she excuses it as an imaginary friend. But with the pokes here and there, you have to wonder...

#12 Ryon and Morgan

We stayed in room 209. at 3:30 we both heard noises, and she sat up in bed asking "what was that". i know its a creeky building, but we both think it was a ghostly guest

#13 Jennifer

Summer of 2009 my bf and I spent the day enjoying the city taking pictures and visiting historical sites like the Edgefield. Upon reviewing the day's pictures at the end of the night, every single picture that we had taken inside the hotel had been erased while all the other pictures from the day remained. Nobody but myself had access to the camera, wierd.

#14 dan whittaker

i stayed in room 6 at the white eagle for 2 nights with a good friend of mine sometime early april of 2011.. we were both hoping to witness something "supernatural".. we had a great time, enjoyed some awesome beer, but to our knowledge at the time nothing out of the ordinary happened.. when we made it back home, we hooked my digital camera up to a tv to watch footage we took of the hotel. to our surprise, our first night in the room at 4 am (right before we went to bed).. we went outside to smoke a cigarette. Nobody was in the room, no bands were playing, no noise.. my camera (which was set up on a tripod in the corner of the room by the window, facing the opposite corner by the sink and the mirror..) starting shaking violently for approximately 6 minutes as if someone was holding the back of the tripod and wiggling it around. as soon as we opened the door to get back into the room, the shaking stops, and in the audio you hear a eerie breathing sound, like an old man letting out his last breath.. sends chills up my spine. i still have the footage, i need to get it on youtube.

#15 debbie wilson

i have been going out to edgefield since i was 15 years old, and the house that used to be a boys home back in the1980s has always been creepy... and i know that its old land, and alot went on there before then, but my boyfriend, and i were walking around one night a while back it wasnt summer yet we snapped pictures all over thats what i always do hoping to get something, anything an orb, or a face,mist perhaps, but we were leaving the parking lot, and i was bummed not to get a thing. so i turned one last time to snap the house i was parked by, just one last shot i said, and looked at it and saw fog and a face of some kind in the middle of it, it freaked me out i just new there would be nothing there again, and there it was everyone could see it that i showed it to, and then i lost the disk from my camera but if i ever find it i will post it its freaky!!!! and i will be out there again snapping away!!!i am waiting to get a pic of those old rocking chairs on the old creepy porches lol i will im sure lol!!!

#16 Denise

just last weekend, 10-7-11 we spent the night at the Edgefield, in the middle of the night while I was asleep a old man was standing over my bed wanting to shake my hand and I kept asking him what he wanted and he had to go (in my dream) and he just wanted to shake myhand, I finally shook his hand he smiled and I woke up...I am convinced I was visited by a spirit that lived there.

#17 Kari

We had our own ghostly experience in Sam's room in late October of this year. When we arrived our window was open. It was chilly so I closed and latched the window (i'm sure of it!). We enjoyed some drinks and the entertainment downstairs. Went to bed. Next morning the window was wide open. Guess Sam was a little warm.

#18 Ally, Dyani, and Jenn

Hopefully this stuff and more will happen to us when we travel up to Edgefield this January. :)

#19 Renee

In the winter of 2010 my husband and i stayed at the White Eagle for the first time. When having dinner at the Widmerad we had been told by a waitresst that one of the rooms at the White Eagle was haunted. When she told us that it was the room that we were staying in (#2), we both could not believe it! My husband and I went back, listened to some music and then headed upstairs to our room. So i'm so scare, but still had to use the restroom before turning in. My husband waited in the room, i was hoping that he would come out and wait for me and then return to the room with me. when i returned to the room i tried my card key twice in the door and could not open it. i was thinking, "come on, stop joking!" my husband opened the door, he said that he was on the other side of the room. Stange! So, we turned in for the night. Of course the music was playing until the place closed, but after about 2 AM everything was quiet. i seem to recall that it was between 2 and 3 when all of the sudden, and while my husband was sound asleep, the bed shook horizontally six or seven time. There was no trains running at this time, there was no sound from downstairs... my husband woke immediately and asked, "Did you feel that? " In an effort to ignore it i didn't want to anser but did. "yes, i felt it." The next morning we were told by one of the hotel workers that a prostitute had been strangled in that room. OMG, what an experience. We have been back on three different occassions. We love the White Eagle!

#20 Renee

In 2010, My husband and i were staying at the Edfield on the third floor in a corner room. After a night of dinner and fun we returned to the room to sleep. the next morning my husband asked why i had to get up last night and where i had went. i told him that i did not leave all night. he said that he thought it was me pushing off the bed, putting on the white robe and leaving. my husband told me that he could feel the pressure of weight in the middle of the king size bed, he thought it was me that had gotten up and layed back down. IT WASN'T ME! We have been back to the Edgefield on two other occassions. What fun...

#21 Cat

I was in  my room and there were five men in white coats examining me!!! It was so scary man!!!

#22 Cindy

The second time that I stayed, I was in the shower and it felt like finger gently stroked my front shoulder blade. It wasn't a scary or mean presence. In October 2011, the last time that my husband and I stayed, we were both sleeping and at about 2 in the morning it sounded as though a large block of wood landed on the floor in our room. Neither of us realized that the other had heard it. When we talked about it in the morning, we noticed that there was a large carpet and couch on the floor where we heard the sound (we both heard it in the same location. We can't wait to go back in April!!!!! We LOVE this place and it definitely has spirits!!!

#23 Eric C.

Spirit seeker here. I stayed in room #1 at the White Eagle on 4-21-12. Uncle Bills room. I stayed for 2 nights. I haven't gone over all of my evidence yet. I set up night vision cameras, digital recorders, did e.m.f. readings, took full spectrum photos. The first night I stayed, I felt the presence of the woman that roams floating over me as I was sleeping. This was around 3 a.m. It lasted for about a minute. I will post more when I go through all the evidence.

#24 Anonymous

I was at the Edgefield yesterday with my family to attend a wedding, and after the ceremony when the wedding guests were about to enjoy the wedding feast, I suddenly felt very groggy and fell out of my chair. {Good thing hardly anyone noticed when it happened.} Maybe whatever is haunting the Edgefield wanted to crash the wedding by pushing a guest out of his or her reception seat. {lol} Later, when my sister & I checked out the Edgefield's gift shop, I needed to use the bathroom, but had to hurry on out of there because I felt like I was being watched. It was creepy!

#25 Ashley

Staying at The White Eagle in a few days. Would love to hear more stories about it! 

#26 Kevin

While enjoying the soaking pool at the grand lodge  at 1030 pm I noticed a child standing over us on a balcony. It struck my odd that the child didn't seem to be looking at us in the pool. My daughter and her boyfriend witnessed the same child on the balcony.  The child seem to be fixated on something across the pool directly opposite of the balcony. I watched him for what seemed like 2 or 3 minutes. We talk about how eerie he look  almost radiant without any features. My wife approached us and asked what we were looking at? I laughed thinking she was joking us. My daughter then decided to approach him yelling what are you looking at in a flash he ran away.  I realized he was gone and we then all laughed about how strange he was. The next morning  I decided to see if we could locate a child fitting his description.  My daughter thought he was 8 years old I laughed and said I thought he was close to 15, here boyfriend thought he was 12. I found the idea of his age being different added to the many question I had.  I have never had a ghost encounter and not sure this was either. But I couldn't rule it out either. After spending time looking for the little boy we found no one that fit the 8 to 15 male figure we say the night before. Very strange encounter. 

#27 Justin

Stayed at Edgefield one night back in late 90s during a company christmas party. Did not know the place was reputed to be haunted, and didn't believe in such things anyways. However as my wife and I were gettting ready to go to bed, I distinctly recall the strong presence of an elderly lady sitting in the room with us. I never get weird feelings like that (and never have again to this day). It was so strong I hesitated to disrobe for bed, and I even examined the room, wondering why my mind was insisting something was there when it wasn't. My wife remarked that she felt like we were being watched, which is an unusual statement from her. Oddly enough, it was a friendly, almost grandmotherly feeling, and I felt no fear or creepiness at all. Years later when I found out about the reputation and past of the hotel, it rattled me. Still does. Don't remember the room number, but it was on the ground floor and looking out the window, facing west, you can see the main entry way staircase.

#28 Deanzie

I have also been haunted when I unwittingly stayed in a room on the third floor at the Edgefield in Troutdale (McMennamin's). When we got our room, I tried opening the closet door for extra pillows, but the door was locked. I then realized that there was a standing wardrobe in the room that had these items. Later that night, as my husband and I went to sleep, my head was on my pillow, and I heard an "unlocking" sound very loudly in my ear, like my ear was right up against a door. Shortly afterward, I heard creaky footsteps circling the bed. At the time, I was dismissive, and thought it was someone walking above our room. Even my husband woke up with a start, because the sound of the footsteps were so immediate. We both managed to sleep, but the next morning, we realized that there were no rooms above us, and no rooms were immediately next to ours. We were at the South end of the main hallway on the third floor. I think it was #304.

When I went back to work, I mentioned the event to my boss, who is familiar with The Edgefield (lots of interesting history to the place), and he described the shape of the slanted locked closet in the room, which I confirmed, and he said that that room was haunted. He reminded me of one of the paintings in the building that I clearly remember of one of the guest rooms showing a slanted closet with the door open, and in the blackness, there are a pair of eyes. I wasn't frightened during the event, and even the painting, the eyes themselves didn't look nasty, but that was quite memorable for me.

#29 Jeremy

On Oct. 10, 2012 a group of friends and I went to see The Gossip at the Crystal Ballroom. We were waiting for the elevator after pushing the button and decided to take the stairs, as soon as we decided the elevator arrived. The security staff looked at us and said that the elevator had been doing that all night. We were the first in line and you can see the elevator through the doors. We personally witnessed it operate on it's own twice. It was pretty cool. More please!!

#30 king size bed

The second time that I stayed, I was in the shower and it felt like finger gently stroked my front shoulder blade. It wasn't a scary or mean presence. In October 2011, the last time that my husband and I stayed, we were both sleeping and at about 2 in the morning it sounded as though a large block of wood landed on the floor in our room.

#31 Caroline

Though I was shy to put it in the "ghost log," I most definitely had a paranormal experience while sleeping in a room on the third floor (Bastian's room - 315?) in January 2013. I can only describe it as a moment of terror, something human-like but small and sheer, sitting, shaking, and shrieking on my chest -- but just one moment. It literally only lasted a second or two, not long enough to terrify me, but long enough to pierce my dream consciousness. It was nothing like a dream; I was half-awake. I fought myself fully awake at which point I noted I had chest pain. The chest pain lingered for several hours. I am 35 years old, and a registered nurse (i.e. I know what chest pain is and shouldn't be having it). I have never had chest pain before, but I have had a few other ghost sightings (I'm open to that sort of thing). My friend stayed in the room next door and had no such experiences, doesn't really believe in this sort of thing, and didn't think it was worth talking about. So, like I said, I left without writing in the log. The place is... interesting.

#32 Julie

The first McMenamins property I ever visited was Kennedy school, back in '97 at age 14. I had never been so enamoured by a building in my life, and couldn't wait to stay in one of the former classrooms and drink massive amounts of Ruby (once I grew up, of course). I had the pleasure of staying at Grand Lodge and Edgefield several times, finally getting to stay at Kennedy School just this past November, 2012. Because I'm a scaredy cat, I couldn't sleep a wink the first few times I stayed at the aforementioned properties. Eventually I became convinced that there was nothing to be afraid of, even considering the stories you hear of Edgefield, as nothing scary had ever happened. So once I finally had the opportunity to stay at Kennedy School, I felt pretty confident about closing my eyes and falling asleep (note; massive amounts of Ruby didn't hurt). The night went off without a hitch and my husband and I had a ball. The next morning we stumbled into the restraunt for breakfast and decided that we probably needed a little more sleep (damn Ruby) and returned to our room after we ate. Just as we both began to fall asleep we each heard foot steps walk from the hallway within our room, to our bed, and then (according to my husband) stop right next to him. We were both pretty paralyzed by it and just layed there in stunned silence for several seconds, until I gathered the courage to sit up and turn on the lamp next to me. Old creaky building-ness aside, the deliberate heal/toe pattern sound of footsteps on a hardwood floor is unmistakable. It really only figures that this business would occur to me once I was no longer scared. I didn't know the Ghost Log existed or this lengthy post would be there instead, Dear Reader. Next we're off to the Crystal Hotel to catch TMBG, a couple of winks (and Ruby's) and I simply cannot wait. I'll be sure to have my guard up this time, maybe it scares 'em away ;)

#33 Kelly

I stayed in room #330 last night with two girlfriends. We came to Edgefield to see the FUN concert and stayed the night afterwards. I had a "sleep paralysis" moment in our room at about 2:30 in the morning. I could see something by the door and I was scared but I couldn't move. I yelled out because I was scared and one of my girlfriends woke me up. I've never had a "sleep paralysis" episode before. I also felt something grab my foot but I am not sure if I was dreaming or not. Then later in the night, at about 4:00 or 5:00 am, I heard bees buzzing loudly all over the room but didn't see any bees. I thought it was weird but went back to sleep. When we all woke up I told my friends and when one of them went into the hallway to go use the bathroom she saw that the murals outside of our room had bees everywhere. In one picture a woman is sitting in a rocking chair with a beehive on her head. I thought that was really creepy and I hadn't noticed the mural at all the night before. Fun and scary at the same time! Definitely going back again! 

#34 Carole

We had our wedding reception at BlackBerry Hall on Friday, October 13, 2008. We stayed the evening in the hotel and retreated there a little after midnight.  I wish I could remember the room number.  I want to say 119, but have no clue if that's correct.  My husband was extremely intoxicated and it was a chore just  to get him into bed, so romance was not in the cards.

I readied myself for bed and got in with just a t-shirt and underwear on, my usual bedtime attire.  Suddenly, it became very cold.  I am never cold, but it was chilly enough for me to get up, put on a sweatshirt and sweatpants, jump back into bed and snuggle next to my husband.

Then I felt something sit or jump slightly on the bed. I thought I was just tired and imagining my cat at home jumping on the bed at home to sleep with us,as is her usual routine. Still, it made me sit up and look around the room. 

It was a lovely day and equally lovely evening with the moon bright in the sky. The moon cast enough light in the room that I could still make out most of my surroundings clearly. There was no one else in the room.

I lay back down and chalk it up to fatigue and imagination.  Just then, something PATTED AND GRABBED my feet and ankles over the blankets.  I'd had unexplained things happen to me in the past, but nothing ever TOUCHED me.  I didn't know what to do.  I was completely freaked out.  I tried to wake my husband, but he was dead to the world.  Then, it happened again, the exact same way.  I finally decided if whatever it was started reaching UNDER the covers I was out of there. I would leave my husband there if I had to.  It happened once more, exactly the same way.  By this time, I was frozen fear.  This all occurred in the span of about eight minutes or so, but it seemed like an eternity. I must have laid there frozen for a good hour before I finally drifted off to sleep.

 I told my husband the next day, but no one else for a long time.  I wasn't aware of the haunted history of  the hotel or this ghost log.  When I finally told my family, my sister swore a spirit of a little boy got into the car when they drove home that evening from our reception.

 This experience has made me a firm believer in some kind of life or dimension after death.

#35 Arline

On 9/12/2010 - My husband, sister in law and I stayed and wondered the grounds late at night in search of paranormal activity. We took pics all over the place and caught some "mists" in the garden areas that couldn't be explained. We came around the corner of one of the restaurant terraces that sits below balcony's with two stairs cases on each side (don't remember the name) and felt something, so my husband snapped a few photos and caught a very compelling white mist/streak that is very "compelling". I would love to post but this only allows comments? Then I was walking down the hall from the room to the outside glass doors and I saw something small kinda like a white object run past the door on the "outside", it was short. When I walked thru the doors nothing was around? Very Cool place hope to return someday.

#36 Tammy gidcumb

My husband and I just returned from the New Year's Eve 2014 party at the edgefield.  We had a fabulous time!  We stayed three nights and had three experiences.  We were in room 203.  Our first night I walked to the bathroom and I saw an old man who was dressed like a janitor - black pants, black shoes, and white shirt like a uniform.  He had large black framed glasses.  He was crouching near the floor in what was a phone nook next to the ladies lounge.  He was in such a strange place and position that I stopped and looked at him kind of waiting to see if he needed help.  I smiled at him and he smiled back so I went into the ladies room.  When I came out just a moment later he was gone without a trace.  The next morning, I realized that the housekeeping staff had no such uniform and was certain he was a spirit.  I was completely blown away when I came home and read other encounters that happened in this same area near the beautiful mural between the second and third floors.
We noticed nothing our second night but our third night, my husband and I were playing scrabble in our room and a very loud voice sounded like someone clearing their throat right behind me!  My husband and I both froze and he swore the sound was right behind me.  The rest of the night was pretty quiet, but the next morning I was brushing my teeth in that same bathroom and I swear there was a dog in the room with me!  There is no sound that can duplicate the sound of dog feet on a wood floor and that is what I heard.  I turned around and there was nothing there.  I even reached down to see if I could feel anything, but there was nothing there.  I stood there a moment and then said "you're a good dog aren't you." Then there was more nails clicking on the wood floor in a more excited kind of way.  I was very justified in my experience when I read the stories about a dog haunting the second floor!  Our encounters were friendly and very memorable!

#37 Sara

I stayed at Edgefield in Dec 2013 and my boyfriend and I went to sleep very early on purpose so that we could wake up in the middle of the night and hopefully catch some ghostly activity. We woke up arond 1 am and we had only one lamp one and the said lamp turned off by itself, which at the time was not enough to convince me. We eventually went back to sleep. I then woke up not that long after I had fallen asleep to the sound and sensation of someone tap-tap-tapping on the mattress next to my head. We stayed in room 231, the Kazoo Kats suite, and since I am a devout cat lover, my thoughtful boyfriend took a picture of our door for me but the photo he took was black with dark purple stripes all across it. He was dumbfounded as he had never seen his camera behave that way and it was his father's camera before him and he never had any trouble with the camera either. I am convinced that Edgefield is haunted. I literally cannot wait to go back!

#38 Lisa

I have stayed in all McMenamins properties in OR; over the span of 20 years have NEVER had one "paranormal experience". I think you just need to drink enough beer and let the "ghosts" play pinochle! I have only felt welcome, if anything. 

#39 Erica

In late September 2009 I was staying at White Eagle for a bachelorette party. Though all of us in the party stayed in various rooms I ended up in a large room that faced Russel Street on the 2nd floor (above the bar). Not sure of the room number. I shared the king bed with another girl.
We got back late from wandering around and all went to bed around 2 am. A few hours later, the girl I was sharing a bed with got up to use the bathroom, because she didn't want to bring a key card she didn't close the door all the way so the latch was still open, but somehow it closed while she was at the toilet. When she came back she was violently shaking the door knob which woke me up to allow her back in. As soon as I opened the door she said someone was pushing her and then she fainted on the floor! I got her a wet washcloth and helped her back to the bed when she woke up again a few seconds later. Needless to say though, we snuggled together the rest of the night and were two of the first up from the wedding party the next morning for breakfast because we were so freaked out!

#40 Ginger

Oct 2014: I just stayed in room #310 two nights ago with my guy. I was in a dream state and felt the presence of something laying between us in bed. It was communicating with me and was gray in shape and color, and the energy of a woman. She floated away and woke both of us up at the same time at 3am. We didn't know until now that Edgefield has the reputation of being haunted.

#41 A Reputable Customer

Lisa, I'm sorry You Think we All Drink. On contrary, I have myself had haunted experiences, oddly, I have an allergy to alcohol. There of, I do not drink.
I was at Grand Lodge, had just learned the place was haunted by the Receptionist whom I asked for extra towels (for the soaking pool). I was like "yea right" in my head but it was crazy enough for me to be skeptical. I stayed down stairs, ironically, the last room at the end of the hall past the doctor office. I had a knock on the door, I just thought it was the towels I asked for. No one was there. Another knock on the door, no one there again. I had just shut the door and my hand was still on the knob when there was another knock. No one could of moved that quick, but no one was there. I was thinking "what the.." and just then it was so windy, like coastal winds full force at me. The hair on the back of my neck stood. The pipes right above me started making unbelievable noise. I am a RN, so I used a method from the days I worked in a nursing home with my non speaking patients, and said "make one noise for yes, two noises for no." I said "are you a ghost?" I got one noise. I held a yes and no conversation for 5 minutes. Now, before young lady Lisa go making a fool out of everyone, telling us to "f off", out right accusing us as liars let me remind you, I just might be the RN in your doctor office and I certainly do not drink.

#42 Kristen

My friends and I started staying at the Edgefield for our cheap time away with just the girls....aka....heated mineral pool and wine. We were staying this past October 17, 2014 in room 39. We decided to use a ghost radar app to see what or who would come through. We received communication from" Warren" saying he was very poor (which makes sense considering what the building use to be). The next morning when we were getting ready to go to breakfast I couldn't find my hair brush. I dumped my purse out on the bed and literally shook it to make sure everything was out of it. I told my friends that they should go ahead of me to the restaurant for breakfast because I wanted to take one more look for my brush. Right after they left I went my purse....my brush was sitting on top of everything in my bag. I hadn't left my purse from the time I dumped it out and my friends were never close to my purse to put it in there. I think Warren was having a little fun or earlier he had messy hair.

#43 Sally-Ann

Spent a wonderful Christmas at the Edgefield 2014 with my husband.  It is not our first visit here but very excited to have a queen suite in the winery wing.  I have experienced para normal activity before in my life but this has been a first time at the Edgefield.  I am a light sleeper, and was on my left side, I awoke startled by someone peeling back the covers to completely expose my shoulder followed by a puff of icy breeze, I immediately rolled over to find my husband facing the opposite direction and snoring contentedly.  I woke him up and asked if he would stay awake for a while with me as I was freaked out and could not return to sleep. It was most definitely an eerie sensation and awareness that something else was there at that moment.  

#44 K&D

My sis and I spent a wonderful night at Edgefield. After we were done with dinner we came back up to our room (215) to grab a few items before heading out again , our bedside clock was face up - numbers facing the ceiling- with no explanation as to how it got that way. The clock was plugged in to a power strip behind/under the bed, so there's no way we jostled the cord.