Dec 13 2010

KringleOK, who wants a big ol' beer? Like, big. A show of hands?...

Yep, just as we thought. Big beer = happy people.

This season, we decided to bottle Kris Kringle, our perennially popular and festive Yuletide ale -- but not in our usual 22-ounce bottles, like our Hammerhead or Terminator. We went bigger for the holidays and decided a magnum of beer was just the thing! It's well over a quart and a pint of beer in one cool bottle, with a specially designed label by McMenamins artist Lyle Hehn. The beer was brewed at Edgefield (our largest brewery) and then the bottles were filled, capped, waxed and labeled by hand one at a time by our trusty brewers. And if the label is a little crooked, well, it just adds character to your limited-edition bottle, yes?

KKSo, if you want to be the hit of the holiday party, bring your hosts a magnum (or two) of Kris Kringle Ale. Only 200 were produced, so pick one up soon at Edgefield, Kennedy School, Grand Lodge or Old St. Francis for $25 a pop.

P.S. These big bottles are already a hit, so we've decided to do future magnum bottlings - what beer would you like to see (and drink) in a big bottle? Maybe Thundercone, our fresh-hop ale from this past Fall? Or perhaps an Imperial Sunflower IPA, for all you diehard hopheads out there? What say you, beer drinkers?

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#1 Anthony Robertson

How about that Black Widow Imperial Stout?  Perfect match of quantity and quality

#2 Roger Scharer Jr.

Copper Moon, please. Super please. An even more perfect match of quantity and quality

#3 Hotels in Venice

Drinking Beer is good for health.This time mostly people drinks beer in parties.Your post is very nice.thanks for sharing.

#4 rychels

i would love to see your dark star in a magnum. that's gotta be my favorite of yours without question

#5 Sugar

Will you ship the Kris Kringle to California?

#6 McMenamins

No sorry, we can only ship beer within Oregon at this time... silly laws!


Would love to see Black Widow Porter in a Magnum.  Also need to work on the shipping laws to California and Nevada - or ways to bring it on a plane.