Mar 15 2010

Blog update, March 15, 2010
photoIt's the Ides of March, time for an update. I have finished the panel I was working on, the 4'x6' panel which is essentially a homage to Gary Ewing. I need to thank Liz Devine, photographer, for the reference photo I used for the Crystal Ballroom. Crystal ShotBasically, I pretty much rendered her photo, because I loved the feeling of the crowd focused on the stage, where you actually don't see the performers, but can see the light and energy emanating from the stage. I liked that particularly because Gary was primarily about the light. And I want to thank Karen Ewing, for her talking with me and sharing information that I found very helpful. Anyway, it is complete and I have a good feeling about it. Now, onward and upward.

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#1 mg

Love that. It's totally Crystal Ballroom. I've taken pictures there myself, and they look very much like that. That picture was surely taken from where you come in back by the bar. I hang out there because I'm scared of crowds.

Gary Ewing was a guy that did light shows?

#2 Scott Rainey

Yes mg, Gary Ewing was a guy who did light shows. Gary Ewing did spectacular light shows. If you wanted a clue about all those potions and pills that became popular in 1967, but didn't want to take those specific risks, the Music played in the Crystal Ballroom with Gary's light shows behind the band gave a pretty decent clue. If you decided to try the potions, 'tis said that his shows were a wonderful seasoning yet helped you come home. He took in a friend of mine (hi James) during a rough time and for that he has another measure of my eternal gratitude,

#3 Michael Teeple

Yeah, Gary was one of my... Yeah! Right! Gary was friends with a great number of people. What a privilege to know him. This is a great piece! Thank you.

#4 Roger Straus

Gary was instrumental in saving the Crystal from being torn down. Little did I know, when I got to be his friend a few years ago, that I'd been watching his light shows back in the Avalon Ballroom in '66.