Apr 10 2010

jjBlueCheerWIPa.jpgThis past week, I started out trying to finish a 2'x2' panel of Blue Cheer, in my home studio. Blue Cheer was a three-piece rock group that performed at the Crystal Ballroom in 1967. "Blue Cheer" was the name of  a particular LSD, created by Owlsley Stanley, a friend of the Grateful Dead, and the band used it for their name.

Nun damagedAnyway, I was closing in on the grand finale of the painting and having a lot of fun with the panel when we got a message from the management at Old St. Francis School hotel in Bend, Ore., that a painting in the lobby of the theater had been keyed, or vandalized. This is sad, it was one of my favorite panels and refers to a legend about how St. Francis tamed a wolf that had been terrorizing a small village  in  Italy. The panel shows St. Francis and the wolf having coffee around the campfire with some shepherds. Nun RepairedThere were many Basque shepherds in Eastern Oregon with very remote camps.

The motivation behind this kind of careless destructiveness eludes me. It's important not to let this kind of damage stay unrepaired for long because it seems to convey the message that "we don't care." Luckily, the mountain road was passable and I was able to go to Bend, repair that painting and a portrait of Sister Sebastian in the Nunnery House as well. Restoration can be satisfying, but now I need to get back to painting Blue Cheer.

jjBlueCheerWIPb.jpgBTW, Blue Cheer's biggest hit was "Summertime Blues," written and performed by Eddie Cochran and also performed at the Crystal by the Black Keys, both of which are referenced in the painting. 

About the author: Jenny Joyce is one of our McMenamins artists and has worked with the company since 1993. Visit her website at jennyjoyceart.com.
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#1 M G


This is very sad. McMenamins is truly one of the great things about oregon. I have been observing your artwork over the years at various locations, and I think it's fantastic. Keep up the good work.

#2 Lynn

Jenny, I am also a big fan of your art at McMenamins. I'm happy that you were able to restore the senseless damage that someone had caused.

Keep creating!!

#3 jenny joyce

Thanks MG and Lynn, and so sorry for taking so long to reply. People defacing art is totally difficult to understand. I actually think that graffitti is an underrated as a crime, because it is perceived as non-violent. But it is such a demoralizing factor in current urban life. It felt good to repair those two pieces. Well, back to the drawing board.... Thanks for caring about the art. JennyJ

#4 Olivia

Hey Jenny,

Thanks for repairing my painting of Sister Sebastian...she looks so much better WITH a nose! Olivia ;->

#5 K. B-K.

I'm so sorry to hear about the damaged painting of St. Francis & the wolf in Bend. I love going to the Old St Fancis school (I live in Bend) & showing newbies all the artwork there. Your artwork (& all McM artists) make McM's establishments places of great fun & fantasy. Thank you...

#6 Aniko Samu Kuschatka

Dear Jenny, I am so glad you were able to fix the paintings. I am absolutely in AWE of your work and am totally sucked into the art at McMenamin's. I was terribly sad that no one has put together a book about the artists who have painted there. I believe that if the art that is there now would not be there, the hotel and properties will not succeed. By bringing the art there and reflecting the history and stories behind the people there and events there, it brings everything alive and everything is personal and detail oriented. I would never have had the same respect for the McMenamin's if it has not been for the artist's work. I love their food and drinks as well as the fact that they saved so many amazing places. But however I feel that it was the art that pulled it all together and i am forever in sheer admiration for the McMenamin's brothers for wanting to find artists to bring the history of the places alive. I am so glad they found you. I would just love to meet all of the artists someday. My list of questions is endless. I am an artist too so I feel that might have something to do with my feelings about how art connects us so personally to life.


#7 jenny joyce

hey, thanks for the feedback. I am gratified and very glad that people appreciate the art. And, thanks to you, Olivia, for telling me it was you who did the original Nun portrait in the Nunnery. I actually did not know that, and am glad you approve the repaiJr job. Repairing the art has begun to take on more meaning as time goes by, and upkeep is demanded. Also, Aniko, I would love to see a book as well. This has been talked about for many years and someday it may happen. But, not yet. Jenny J

#8 jenny joyce

Watch this space for some new images. The recently updated 4'x6' panel dedicated to Gary Ewing, the late light artist of Portland fame and two smaller images, of Blue Cheer and Jimmy Reed. Jenny Joyce

#9 aniko Samu Kuschatka

Dear Jenny,
It must be nice that art at McMenamins is never ending. I don't know how you have time for your own creations and shows....if you do any. As for the book, there is no better time to release it than for Edgefield's 100th birthday celebration. I think ti's time.

#10 aniko Samu Kuschatka

Good morning,
I was thinking about this over the weekend. I was wondering if anyone tried to track down the original painter of St. Francis with the wolf. Since Olivia was the original painter of this painting, did the McMenamins brothers want the original painter to fix it but you had no way of tracking down Olivia? What is the history behind this painting. What I meant by that question was , was that painting already at the School before McMeanmins purchased the property? Hope my question is clear. Thanks!

#11 lara

I have seen the example of finest art in the world at McMenamins.This is a true art work, which will be a success story.

#12 Sue

Thanks for your good work. Just had to write and say I was at that Blue Cheer concert!!!! Love them,loved their hair and loved the Crystal!!

#13 Richard Mason

Good to hear about the Blue Cheer artwork. I also attended the concert in 1967. Keep up the good work.

#14 Yeni

Edie Pearman - Juan, What a wuendrfol job you did!! I love the pictures. I know Sarah was so excited and loves the pictures, as well. I can't wait for the wedding!!!

#15 Philippe Skoog

McMin. has a unique community (global) influence on how to make a place that is restful, inspiring, warm, welcoming, image rich, northwest and yet european, team building, moving, loving, gracious, colorful, spiritual, graftful, filling, satisfyinng, and above all never ending always evolving, 

We live in Bothell WA and are looking forward to the completion of the McMin. there.  It has inspirved a revival of Bothell that has been stagnating for 40 years or more.  We luv Ya!!!!