Jul 21 2010

Those crafty distillers at Edgefield have stirred up something new! White Dog Whiskey, an un-aged version of our famous Hogshead Whiskey is produced from 100% malted barleys.The aroma is of rich grain and cereal while the flavor has layers of dark chocolate, malt and roast. The body of the whiskey is full and semi-sweet, lingering on the palate with a surprising smooth finish. Try it in one of our specialty cocktails like the Pama-Dog made with Edgefield White Dog, Pama Pomegranate liqueur & fresh-squeezed lemon, try the Unaged Old Fashion or Edgefield Sour. Or just ask for it served neat.

Available at all pubs and by the bottle at Edgefield and Old St. Francis School.

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