Mar 25 2011


photoTo celebrate '80s Video Dance Attack's sixth anniversary party, I had planned on writing several glowing paragraphs about how much un this weekly event is. After all, every single Friday, hundreds and hundreds of people -many clad in glowing plastic bangles, pegged jeans and Pretty In Pink-esque prom dresses-crowd the Crystal'sphotodance floor and straight up get into the groove. This isn't one of those parties where patrons stand around watching a couple people dance; this is a fun, sweaty, fully interactive blowout that pulls in an age range between those just old enough to drink legally and those who purchased Madonna's first album...on vinyl. The day it came out.

photoThe fact that VDA has sustained that kind of energy for six years is quite a feat. I had planned to wax further poetic on the achievement, but then I took a look at the work of McMenamins very own staff photographer Liz Devine, she of the talented lens, and realized her pics of a random VDA Friday night do the event much more justice than I ever could (insert pictures/1,000 words cliché here). So, check out her slide show. Then dig that Members Only jacket out of the closet, and we'll see you Friday!




About the author: Jonanna Widner, McMenamins Music Marketing Assistant, is a former music editor for the Santa Fe Reporter and the Dallas Observer.
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#1 Melissa

It says Friday, March 25.  Friday is the 23rd and the 25th is Sunday.  I'm assuming you meant Friday the 23rd.  Yes?