Jan 19 2016

History Pub. Classical Pub. Paranormal Pub. And now Art Pub.

The Pacific Northwest is rich with artistic culture and legacy - to name just a few, glass artist Dale Chihuly, figurative abstractionist Mark Rothko, cartoonist Matt Groening, modern dancer Bonnie Bird (from Bothell, WA, and a classmate of another famous dancer, Merce Cunningham, who was from Centralia, WA).

See? The possibilities for some really fantastic Art Pubs are endless.

Speaking of fantastic, this Thursday we'll shine the spotlight on a group of our own artists -- because who among us hasn't been asked a thousand times, "Who does all the artwork?," "Where do they come up with their ideas?" and "Hey, I'm pretty good at painting and stuff, how can I be a McMenamins artist?"

Lyle Hehn, Jenny Joyce, Myrna Yoder, Kolieha Bush and Olivia Behm are among the original group of wildly creative and talented artists who were called upon to add some color and visual history to our joints. Decades later, they keep adding to a kaleidoscopic gallery of original artwork that is without comparison and continues to grow, mural by pipe by border by headboard and beyond.

They'll be on stage at the Mission Theater this Thursday night for a panel discussion to share their adventures, inspirations and challenges of creating such an amazing body of work. A series of slides will be shown as part of the discussion to illustrate the artists' work and how it was created.

During the first hour, historian Tim Hills will pose questions to the artists and raise topics for them to discuss, and then we'll open it up for a short Q&A session with the audience.

We hope to see you there, and at upcoming Art Pub events. (And there's a new, special Art Pub stamp, so tell all your Tripstery friends!)

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