Dec 1 2016

Photo #1
This is Jean Campbell, the original proprietor of what 1912 building that is named for her and which has housed one of our pubs since 1990?

Photo #2
There is a McMenamins joint in there, somewhere. Which one?

Photo #3
In the mid-to-late ‘70s, a local milk campaign was photographed at what is today one of our pubs. There were once Beer Wars in these parts, but Milk Wars...?

Photo #4
The Charlie Gabriel Trio performed and led the band in the 1960s at what today continues to be a music venue.

Photo #5
At Flossie's, you could enjoy Coors Light, POISON, Bridgeport Ale, a game of Twister and more. What's the place called today?

Photo #1: Rams Head
Photo #2: Mission Theater
Photo #3: Rock Creek Tavern
Photo #4: Al's Den (or Crystal Hotel, close enough)
Photo #5:  Zeus Cafe (or Crystal Hotel, both acceptable answers)

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