Apr 1 2016

Think you're pretty good at identifying McMenamins properties? Can you guess which ones these photos and images represent? Answers given below - no cheating, now...

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #4

Photo #5

Photo #1: E. 19th Street
Take a look at the logo - those are duck bills around the sun face! (It only took me 11 years to notice that, how about you?) So once you had that figured out, it was a matter of choosing between our three Eugene pubs in U of O Duck territory - E. 19th, High Street or North Bank.

Photo #2: Gearhart Hotel & Sand Trap Pub
That is American gastronome James Beard, who summered in Gearhart as a child and went on to become a food writer, chef, teacher and TV personality. He passed away in 1985, and his ashes were scattered on the beach at Gearhart. The James Beard Foundation was established in his honor "to provide scholarships to aspiring food professionals and champion the American culinary tradition which Beard helped create."

Photo #3: White Eagle
In spring, this venerable pub hosts the Crown the Eagle Festival, a celebration of the White Eagle's Polish heritage. The festival comes complete with pierogis and kielbasa, history talks, a Balkan-inspired beer brewed for the occasion and sweet little kids in Polish costumes like this one, performing Polish dances. Mark your calendars for Sat., April 23.

Photo #4: Mission Theater
This theater-pub in NW Portland is considered one of the first "brew-n-view" theaters on the west coast. But when the building was constructed in 1912, it was home to the Swedish Mission Covenant congregation.

Photo #5: Broadway Pub
This second-story spot in NE Portland has been an anchor on Broadway since 1990, as shown in this late-‘80s architectural drawing.

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