May 21 2010

JJ BorderLast week, I worked with two other artists in Room 219 at Edgefield. I painted a border in the bathroom of that room, because it had been painted over due to water damage.

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Apr 10 2010

damaged NunI was closing in on the grand finale of the Blue Cheer painting and having a lot of fun with the panel when we got a message from the management at Old St. Francis School hotel in Bend, Ore., that a painting in the lobby of the theater had been keyed, or vandalized.

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Mar 15 2010

Blog update, March 15, 2010
It's the Ides of March, time for an update. I have finished the panel I was working on, the 4'x6' panel which is essentially a homage to Gary Ewing...

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Feb 25 2010

I am working on a 4'x6' panel, which will be in the new Crystal Hotel dining room and is a tribute to Gary Ewing, a figure well known in some circles for his psychedelic light shows.  

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