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Thursday, April 22

Dance Gavin Dance

Animals As Leaders


Veil of Maya

Wolf & Bear

5:30 pm doors, 6:30 pm show

All ages welcome

$29.50 advance, $35 day of show

Dance Gavin Dance

Show moved from August 5, 2020.

Dance Gavin Dance fully indulges the extremes of creativity. They mine the outer reaches of the rock music landscape with thrilling abandon. Their ambitious blend of heady progressive rock and post-hardcore became something uniquely their own.

Dance Gavin Dance fans have streamed "We Own the Night" nearly 12 million times on Spotify alone, with staple catalog anthems "Chucky vs. the Giant Tortoise," "Young Robot," "Inspire the Liars," and "Deception" accounting for another 30 million streams on top of that. Their albums regularly chart in the Billboard 200, each of the last three progressively higher than the last, from Top 40 to the Top 15.

An international touring act for over a decade, Dance Gavin Dance has done Vans Warped Tour three times, toured with the likes of Underoath, A Day To Remember and Pierce The Veil, performed at major festivals, and headlined sold out club tours.

Where most bands erroneously claim wholly distinct identities, Dance Gavin Dance truly defies categorization. The Sacramento based outfit possess the kind of artistic compass shared with broadminded but heavy metal and hardcore-punk rooted iconoclasts like The Mars Volta and Coheed & Cambria, but use it to diverge wildly, charting a new course that incorporates the melodic screamo of Thursday or Taking Back Sunday, with a taste of the earnest pop melancholy of Death Cab For Cutie. 

The current and most definitive incarnation of Dance Gavin Dance is responsible for half of the band's albums, including their most recent effort, Artificial Selection. The new record is the strongest and most wondrously diverse showcase yet for the lauded post-hardcore experimentalists, equal parts intense, melodic, and unbound.

There's the angelic and R&B infused highs of the sweet voiced Tilian Pearson; the unhinged guttural growls and chaotic screams of cofounder Jon Mess; the dizzyingly unpredictable arpeggio-led guitar crunch of cofounder Will Swan; the soulful poly-rhythmic backbone of longtime bassist Tim Feerick; and the mind-blowingly powerful nuanced foundation laid by drummer and cofounder Matt Mingus.

It's all even bigger than ever on Artificial Selection, brought to life by close collaborator and producer Kris Crummett (Sleeping With Sirens, Crown The Empire, Issues). Dance Gavin Dance's ambitious adventurousness and experimental spirit continues to differentiate them from the pack, from the funkier slow jam of "Count Bassy" to the heavy screamo of "The Rattler." There's a throwback to the Death Star era of the band's sophomore album, "Shelf Life," complete with former singer Kurt Travis. "Midnight Crusade" and "Bloodsucker" are guaranteed crowd pleasers. "Son of Robot" goes on an epic musical journey, from mournful to vengeful full stop.

As the Boston Globe astutely observed, "Dance Gavin Dance resists pigeonholing... heavy, ambitious, and sometimes witty rock that seizes on the past few decades of edge-dwelling music, places it all in a blender, and puts the speed on high." (There's even Motown, funk, pop, dance, and heaping helpings of indie rock in that blender.)

Now more than a dozen years on from their inception, Dance Gavin Dance celebrates an insurgent career, in the tradition of iconoclastic artists from Frank Zappa to Nirvana who did what they wanted, how they wanted, confident that an audience would catch-up. Eight studio albums deep, a thriving fanbase champions the band's irreverent diversity and propulsive power.

Animals As Leaders

Animals as Leaders is:

Tosin Abasi - Javier Reyes - Matt Garstka


"Don't believe everything you hear." This is sound advice in the age of spin-especially when the source is Washington, D.C. Enter progressive metal outfit Animals As Leaders. The band's name itself is perfectly suggestive of its impossible sound, which often must be seen to be believed. Acrobatic guitars and surgical polymetric drumming are frequently accompanied by otherworldly soundscapes in an unmatched marriage of technicality and groove. Their statement is bold, and they've made it without a (human) voice. In the decade since its inception, the trio-guitarists Tosin Abasi and Javier Reyes are joined by drummer Matt Garstka-have not only redefined the scope of instrumental music, but the limitations of their instruments themselves.


In 2008, Tosin Abasi began his initial work on a musical endeavor that would encapsulate the mindset and techniques he had developed in his recently-completed musical studies. His eventual collaboration with producer/engineer Misha Mansoor would culminate in April 2009 with the eponymous release of twelve instrumental tracks embodying a sound previously unheard, and seemingly unimagined-a blend of energetic, anxious metal with a flair for the cosmic. The record garnered (demanded) the immediate attention of listeners and musicians alike... the world was listening.


In the years following the addition of Reyes-classical guitarist/audio engineer-and Berklee-educated drummer Matt Garstka, Animals As Leaders has cemented its reputation as the face of modern progressive music, having earned Billboard chart positions for each of its three subsequent studio releases. In addition to headlining extensive tours spanning the globe, they have has supported mainstays across the musical spectrum including Deftones, Thrice, Circa Survive, Underoath and Meshuggah. Their ambitious approach has earned them various accolades, including a cover issue of Guitar World magazine, and has spawned a range of signature-series musical instruments and instructional material hosted by members of the band.


The November 2016 release of their fourth studio effort, The Madness of Many, was followed with a lengthy world tour during which the band produced its first live concert recording. In May 2018, more than nine years after their self-titled debut set the wheels in motion, the band again lent its name to an album. Animals As Leaders - Live 2017 shows the group hard at work-effortlessly though it may seem-in their relentless pursuit of musical innovation. The beast certainly shows no signs of slowing.





ISSUES is one of the 22 Artists Shaping the Future of Rock, alongside Foo Fighters, Twenty One Pilots and Fall Out Boy, according to legendary tastemaker Kerrang! Artist of the Year, Best Vocalist, Best Bassist, Best Live Band (AltPress) and Best New Talent (Revolver) winners and nominees, the celebrated Atlanta quartet deliver on the momentous hype with their third genre-bending album, Beautiful Oblivion.

Tyler Carter boasts the vocal chops of a self-made Shawn Mendes or Chris Brown, delivering earnest odes to lost love and redemptive determination, strengthened by the catchy crunch of guitarist AJ Rebollo. The pair’s sensibilities coalesce beautifully together with the fluid enchantment of bassist Skyler Acord and drummer Josh Manuel, the resulting magic the inevitable result of their collaborative chemistry.

Soulful R&B hooks, neo nü-metal bounce, prog-rock smarts and active rock might swirl together in passionate ceremony, bridging the gap between the theatrical shimmer of The 1975 and the heavy syncopation of Meshuggah with energetic ease. Hints of classic funk, jazz-fusion and modern pop-rock swagger weave between pulsating rhythmic punch and guitar driven riff rock, without a moment of incoherence. ISSUES have mastered the art of the mash-up, a genre unto themselves.

An international touring act (with appearances at major festivals like Reading and Leeds; a Wembley Arena gig supporting Bring Me The Horizon) and a Warped Tour staple, ISSUES have built a connection with a diverse audience through relentless touring with contemporaries like BMTH, I Prevail, Of Mice & Men and Beartooth. Roughly three years before the release of Beautiful Oblivion, Headspace was the No. 1 Alternative Album in North America, following on the heels of the band’s self-titled debut, which cracked the Top 10 on the Billboard 200 in February 2014.

After what seemed like a nearly insufferable wait to the band’s fans, ISSUES unleashed the first taste of their third and most definitive album, Tapping Out, which quickly amassed a million streams on Spotify in the U.S. in a matter of days.

Tapping Out takes its place alongside ISSUES anthems like “Mad At Myself” (13 million Spotify streams), “Coma” (10m) and “Never Lose Your Flames” (8m). Combined versions of “Hooligans” earned over 12 million views on YouTube, while music videos like “The Realest,” “Home Soon,” “Stingray Affliction,” “Princeton Ave,” and “The Worst Of Them” pushed the band’s total YouTube views past 60 million.

ISSUES put literal blood, sweat and tears into the creation of Beautiful Oblivion, composing close to 50 songs with only the strongest 13 making the final cut, each of them representing a different facet of the band’s unique musical identity. The group teamed up with Grammy Award winning producer Howard Benson, responsible for multi-platinum landmark albums like Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance, Satellite by P.O.D. and Move Along by All-American Rejects.

“Second Best” is an emotional song attacking the pangs of self-doubt. “Drink About It” is about the toxic waltz of an on/off relationship. “Rain” is a quick upbeat rock song about the people who insist on seeing every glass as half-empty. “Flexin” is a fun guaranteed club banger that sounds like Prince wrote a song with Meshuggah.

In “Your Sake,” Carter’s vocal is accompanied only by piano, offering a plaintive and pensive explanation to old friends and lovers. “I wrote the song about all of the women that I hurt before I came out of the closet,” the singer says. “Sometimes when you fall in love with someone, it isn’t ‘romantic.’ I would try to ride it out because I loved and respected these women, but I was scared, because I was lying to myself.”

The title track is a soothing balm for the outcast, the pushed aside and those who feel like their contributions are never quite good enough. “The only real escape we can all agree on is music,” Carter observes. “It’s the only medicine, the universal language we speak. The song is about the power of music to drown out the shouting, the name-calling, the abuse, and whatever ails you. The entire album is an escape.”

Transforming the most resonant and relatable aspects of their prior albums and EPs, ISSUES have landed upon a definitive masterpiece that presents the best of what’s come before, with postmodern forward-thinking vision of their future. Beautiful Oblivion, like the band themselves, is fearless and boundary crossing. It’s well rounded, focused, and altogether catchier. Refusing to dumb it down, ISSUES lean harder into their instincts, steadfast in their raw honesty and pure authenticity.

As a reviewer for Australia’s Heavy observed, while there have been crossover metal acts like Linkin Park and Evanescence, “I have never heard a band combine R&B oriented pop with heavy guitars quite like this. And it’s shitloads of fun.” ISSUES expand the “punk goes pop” aesthetic across the heavy music landscape, planting the flag for individuality, unity, and fierce songcraft, unafraid to be heard and seen.