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Sunday, December 17

McMenamins and 94/7 FM Present:

Beach Weather

The Beaches

6:30 pm doors, 8 pm show

All ages welcome

32.50 advance, $35 day of show, $42.50 advance 21+ reserved balcony, $92.50 Supersize Me

Beach Weather

Beach Weather catch a vibe somewhere between the most disparate of extremes. They write hooks universal enough for even the biggest arena full of people, yet introspective enough for even the most introverted wallflower to ponder. Their breezy guitars and sun-soaked choruses barely veil an honest exploration of emotional tumult, anxiety, and loneliness. Musically, the group - Nick Santino [vocals, guitar], Reeve Powers [bass], and Sean Silverman [production] - teeter on an axis of nostalgic melodies and future-facing provocation. With over 100 million-plus streams, they frame this distinct vision perfectly on their 2023 full-length debut, Pineapple Sunrise [Arista Records].

For as inimitable as the sound may be, Nick sums it up with a rather perfect analogy...

"I compare our band to a blacklight poster," he offers. "You have to turn off the light and sit in full darkness to let the colors shine and see the bright side. We're called 'Beach Weather,' but we have a darker tint to our music. Even though we sound very bright and happy, the lyrics go deeper."

With various musical experiences under their respective belts, Beach Weather initially formed back in 2015. The friendship between Nick and Sean even dated back at least a decade prior. As the story goes, they served up a series of EPs - Chit Chat, What A Drag, and Basement Sessions - and logged quite a few miles on the road, building an audience one show at a time.

Since then, life happened. Nick built a career in graphic design, got married, and became a dad (twice). Sean furthered his career in music production and songwriting. Reeve survived a tornado and got engaged but also stayed in the industry - touring and writing for Nashville artists, and editing for a video production company.

The guys kept in touch. Nick remembers, "The conversations keep circling back to a mutual desire to make music together again. It turned into, 'if you guys were down, I'd be down.'" Sean furthered his career in music production and songwriting. Reeve survived a tornado and got engaged but also stayed in the industry - touring and writing for Nashville artists, and editing for a video production company. It turns out everyone was down.

While living in three separate states, the guys remotely started sharing voice memos, titles, and ideas that eventually evolved into Pineapple Sunrise. Around the same time, "Sex, Drugs, Etc." organically caught fire. A sync on Spanish-language NETFLIX drama Control Z stirred up initial buzz. On social media, TikTok users implemented the song in a myriad of ways, touching every facet of culture from Stranger Things to K-pop. The success transferred over to streaming platforms as the track amassed 80.8 million Spotify streams and counting.

With its understated palm-muted guitar, handclaps, and swooning windswept harmony, the disarmingly catchy chorus of "Sex, Drugs, Etc." rings out, "I don't need that late night high. I'm floating on my vibe."

"We never thought 'Sex, Drugs, Etc.' would be the song people gravitate to," he admits. "I can relate to the meaning of it personally. It's about having anxiety. I don't really go out. I'm not a big party guy. I'm the opposite; I'm a homebody. It's amazing to see a lot of listeners identify with it."

They'll undoubtedly identify with what the boys have in store on Pineapple Sunrise as well. The single "Unlovable" begins with a laidback verse punctuated by claps. It culminates on a chantable chorus awash in fuzzy distortion as Nick pleads, "Oh no, oh my God, how'd I get so damn unlovable?"

"In a way, it's a self-deprecating anthem," he observes. "You feel crazy, you're trying to figure out your own brain, and you're locked out of your own head. You ask, 'Why am I unlovable?' It's a relatable idea though. Musically, there's a lot of energy to it. It's one of the heavier rock tracks, but it's still Beach Weather."

Ultimately, Beach Weather will have a vibe for you to catch as well.

"When you listen to us, I hope you feel like you discovered something new and fresh," he concludes. "All of our songs are different from one another. We want you to play our music on a long drive through the desert or at the beach relaxing at night. This band is a huge part of my life these days. I think the other guys can relate. We've all experienced so much in and out of music. Now, we found our comfort zone with Beach Weather, and we're just kind of loving it."


The Beaches

The Beaches are doing everything their way. After more than a decade together as a band,sisters Jordan Miller (lead vocals, bass) and Kylie Miller (guitar) plus closest friends LeandraEarl (guitar and keys) and Eliza Enman-McDaniel (drums) are entering a new era. On newalbum Blame My Ex, the 2x Juno Award-winning Toronto band channels heartbreak intoself-discovery through 10 exuberant songs that revel in pain and redemption. Lead single“Blame Brett,” an acerbic pop-rock knockout Jordan calls “a song for all the hot messes outthere,” has racked up more than 15 million streams on Spotify and more than 10 million viewson TikTok. The track peaked at #2 on Spotify’s US Viral chart, which was just the latestaccomplishment for the group. They’ve had 8 #1 Singles on Canadian Alternative Radio,including “Blame Brett.”They sold out the majority of their shows across their upcoming Blame My Ex tour, includingToronto’s Massey Hall x2 and Vancouver’s Orpheum. Their single “T Shirt” is certified Gold inCanada, and they’ve garnered a number of hat-tips and cosigns from their peers. They’veopened for Avril Lavigne, The Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, Alanis Morissette, The Aces,Passion Pit, and Eagles of Death Metal. Elton John is an avowed fan. And now, finally TheBeaches are now free to make music that feels true to themselves. Their unyielding bond andshared journey make The Beaches a musical force to be reckoned with and a testament to thepower of sisterhood and friendship. How could you not be obsessed?