May 6 2010

Join the Edgefield Gardeners this, Sunday, May 9, for our annual Mother's Day Plant Sale.

GardensThroughout the year, the gardeners prepare for our plant sales -- collecting seeds, dividing perennials, rescuing tree and shrub seedlings from being discarded to the compost pile. Nurturing them and getting them gussied up for the big day!

We will have a selection of hardy perennials, shrubs and trees. Several delicious varieties of heirloom tomato plants.Gardens Collected seed of flowering annuals from the property. Plus we will be offering our own Edgefield Flower Blend in a nice, shiny metal tin.

We have some wonderful gifts this year, handcreated by our talented staff. Wood-burned flower presses and hand-stenciled tote bags and aprons by Ryn Miller, as well as succulent and cactus gardens, pots o' sweet peas and more gifts for the gardener.Gardens

Stock is limited to what is on hand. The plant sale hours are 10 a.m. ‘til 3 p.m. We hope to see you Sunday!

About the author: Kimberley is the garden manager at Edgefield...
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#1 Glenda

I met Kimberley on a recent stay- she was busy thinning and preparing to place new plants; I really appreciate that she took time to respond to my questions.

I am in awe of the beauty she and her team have created ...

#2 Katie Baker

I noticed a large area of a certain kind of plant just outside McMenamin's right as you walk into the parking lot. The plant was loaded down with honey bees. It had tiny purple flowers growing up the tall stalks. I was curious what these plants were. Anise hyssop? My father is a bee keeper and I would like to recommend this to him for his bee garden.