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Will Gaither
Edgefield Brewery

Will Gaither

Will's first brewing job came when he was hired on as a seasonal brewer at Edgefield in May 2013. Proving both his passion and his skill, he advanced to a full-time brewer role in just a few months. Will has always had a passion for the craft, but was recently inspired to make it his career. His driving force was the support and encouragement of his family in pursuing a career path that brought him joy instead of just taking a job for the paycheck.

Before the transition, Will was working at a package design company. It was a part-time gig as he worked toward his Bachelor of Science in Architecture – yet ultimately, he's made the decision to build beers instead of buildings. He especially enjoys making IRAs and Kölsch beers, as those are the styles he prefers to drink. A favorite activity in his brewing is tinkering with a single keg and adding flavors through wood, tea and/or extracts to bring forth new flavors. Will is thankful for the opportunity he had to move into this career. Being part of the diverse team at the Edgefield brewery as he learned his craft provided experience and education beyond his expectations.

When Will is not brewing, he enjoys discovering new places to visit with friends. The endless search for something better is a characteristic running through both his brewing and personal life. To recharge, Will heads to the beach – a place that has always brought him comfort and clarity. Surrounded by strong family support and a solid team of colleagues, Will is excited to dive into this next adventure.

“Brewing is a labor of love. Brew hard brother!” – Advice to Will from Bruce Loux, Edgefield Brewer


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