Edgefield Gardens


Oregon is blessed by its bounty of flowers and fields; Edgefield is a living example. Here you will find a year 'round display of colors, shapes, scents and tastes. The spectacular sculpted grounds on Edgefield's 74 acres make it an ideal place for meditative and educational wanderings.photo

From the herb garden to the Fir Grove, and the Red Shed Pond to the Wedding Meadow, enjoy all we've got to offer. We even encourage you to bring along a pint or a glass of wine. 

photoDon't miss the lovely vegetable gardens, grown using organic methods (and which provide seasonal ingredients for the Black Rabbit Restaurant & Bar), the orchard, vineyards (which supply our winery) and collection of perennials and trees planted throughout the property.

The annual Cracked Pots Garden Art Show and Plant Sale is also a popular favorite with green-thumbed locals, daytrippers and hotel guests alike!


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